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CMS-XML MCLG: LDAP: Only want to see a few of the LDAP groups, not all of them
MCLG: LDAP : Only want to see a few of the LDAP groups , not all of them
CMS-XML Group import from LDAP fails if seat licenses are not used on this SBM Server
When trying to import groups and users using the Import groups from LDAP feature on a SBM system that has no seat licenses, the import fails with the following error: ERROR: The number of Regular Users and Managed Administrators, xx, exceeds the number of User seat licenses, 0.
CMS-XML SRA removing LDAP authorization realm does not remove that realms groups and users from the DB
SRA install - Has default Internal Security Authentication (Users) and Authorization ( Groups ) realms LDAP Authentication Realm configured and working
CMS-XML When importing groups from LDAP roles assigned to the template user via groups are not assigned to the imported users
- create a template user (TemplateUser) - create a Group ( Group A) - assign Roles to Group A and assign TemplateUser to Group A
CMS-XML LDAP authentication is not working
Following the steps provided in the SRA 4.5.1 documentation we configured LDAP authentication. The user and group import is working fine, however when an LDAP user is trying to log in the get Invalid username or password.
CMS-XML Cannot edit LDAP scheduler job name
When you setup a scheduled LDAP job, the Name field for the job is read-only. This is a problem because there are several types of jobs (import users, import contacts, update users, and import groups ). When looking at the list of scheduled jobs, you cannot tell which LDAP job is which.
CMS-XML When I look at the Mariner users & groups screen why do a see blank lines with no user names?
This is most often seen when using LDAP ( Active Directory ) and there are objects being returned from the ldap filter that don't have values filled in for the First Name and Last Name field for certain entries. A good example is if the ldap filter is (objectClass=user) then you will see users that might not have first or last name attributes filled in in LDAP like the IUSR_Computername account for instance. If you want values filled in edit the entries in the LDAP server and you can put values in.
CMS-XML Group By fields is blank on User Synchronization screen
[Expected Results] Should be able to give the LDAP attribute (i.e. Department) that is used to organize the users into the correct Resource Team. [User Impact / Workaround Required]
CMS-XML MCLG: LDAP: Only want to see a few of the LDAP users, not all of them
In previous versions of Collage, you could set the LDAP Group Filter to narrow down the list of groups displayed on the System | Users and Groups | Groups screen. However, all of the users in the LDAP Root still showed on the User screen. Beginning in Collage, you can limit the list of users as well.
CMS-XML LDAP Troubleshooting steps when you receive the Bind Authentication Error Message
Change the port in LDAP Setup & Tools to the Global Catalog Port: 3268 Create a new Admin account in LDAP (for testing purposes, call it TTAdmin). Add that account to the Domain Admin and Enterprise Admin groups
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