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CMS-XML SBM: How does Work Center Search work in a clustered Tomcat environment? (Smart Search FAQ)
... the Common Services page in the field ... Is searching distributed between nodes ... ... Yes, the search function is performed ... Yes, however, if you force one node to do all of the indexing and that node goes down, the index will no longer be updated . ... On the nodes that will NOT run the index, add the following line to the end of the common servers config file, by default located at: ... The path is in Configurator on the Common Services page , in the box called "Indexer directory path". ... Keywords : Lucene, Search , Index
CMS-XML "Manage my reports" option gives "object error" if using an external report with a URL for keyword search page
"Manage my reports" option gives "object error" if using an external report with a URL for keyword search page
CMS-XML Add Item Link - search screen issues with Keyword search
The Add Item Link search screens were updated such that when an ID search was done and only a single item was returned, that item would be selected and linked automatically, whatever the setting of the "close window" option. An error was added where the same functionality was enabled also for keyword searches, when that should not be the case.
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.5.3 : Windows Git Client installation : 404: page not found when clicking on user's guide link
On Windows 2016 machine, on the last dialog box of 14.5.3 Git Windows Client installer, when clicking on the link "Dimensions CM Git Client User's Guide" getting error 404: page not found
CMS-XML Shift click in Search by Keyword results in Loading loop.
1. Run Search by Keyword. 2. on the result page , hold down the Shift key and click on the Item ID at the same time. 3. The item details is opened in a new browser session.
CMS-XML Doing a keyword search in some projects gives error in user workspace.
Doing a Keyword search in SBM doesn't return any results in one or more projects, and you get the following error in the user workspace. An error occurred while processing the last request. Please contact your administrator.
CMS-XML Memo field in a mashup with 'Include Field in Keyword Searches' enabled throws error on searches
------------------------------------------------------- An error occurred while processing the last request. The error was:
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: How can I retrieve or extract a list of users and the last time they accessed Dimensions?
For more information please refer to the Command Line Reference Guide (cmdref70.pdf) Pages 46-51.
CMS-XML PDSMODES panel error: Invalid keyword found in )INIT, )REINIT, or )PROC section
First operand ==> PDSMODES Last command ==> MODEL OP Options: ENTER - Continue if possible
CMS-XML NEWMEM\NEWNAME cannot be abbreviated in the RECOVER command.
Taking the information from ( page 96 of the latest v833 version of) the Change Tracking PDF, which states: Command Structure The general format for the batch commands in ChangeMan SSM is as follows:
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