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CMS-XML Version Manager is storing the ISLV.INI file in the wrong directory (C:\WINDOWS, %LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\Windows)
Seeing different settings depending on whether or not VM is launched using Run as administrator. The attached script aims to fix this. (*) Windows Vista, Windows 7/Server 2008, Windows 8/Server 2012 and Windows 10 /Server 2016 and newer.
CMS-XML VM 8.6.2 Web Client Agent fails to launch with Access to file denied: ...\islv.ini
While trying to login to a VM 8.6.2 Web Client, the Agent launcher opens an output window showing the error Access to file denied: Path \islv.ini
CMS-XML VM 6.7.10: islv.ini not being written to Windows directory
If you launch the GUI and there is NO islv.ini file located in the Windows system directory, VM does not create a new one(unlike in previous versions). Therefore the users GUI settings are not saved to the file on exit of the session.
CMS-XML How to configure file-type specific Diff and/or Merge tools in Version Manager
Yes. As of Version Manager release 8.2 there is a way to define file-type specific Diff / Merge tools, but you cannot configure these from the desktop client GUI. Instead, the necessary info has to be added to the end-user's ISLV.INI file on Windows , located in the directory identified by the %ISLVINI% environment variable, or to the .islvrc file located in the user's home directory on UNIX / Linux (or in the directory identified by the $ISLVINI environment variable, if defined).
CMS-XML vsplit on Windows fails to split very large archives
environment variable or by having pvcs.fileserver.soap.debug=1 in the ISLV.INI file ), the error message is accompanied by, or replaced with, a vsplit.exe Application Error (GPF), indicating memory at location "0x00000005" could not be "read".
CMS-XML VM: Unable to see Revision window pane
Make a backup copy of your islv.ini file located in the windir directory on the user's workstation.
CMS-XML How To: #1512 Separate Project Domains: using multiple ISLV.INI files and icons on one workstation, one MASTER.CFG
Then duplicate the program icon. (In Windows and NT, this is done by holding down the control key while clicking and dragging the original icon.)
CMS-XML How To: Options/ Data File Locations points to an invalid location.
To resolve the problem, one can merely open up the GUI again, go to Options/ Data File Locations, and define a valid project root directory. If the GUI won't open up, find the Islv.ini file in your Windows directory and change the pointer to the pvcsproj (pvcsproj =) to point to a valid location. Now you will be able to open up Version Manager.
CMS-XML PVCS Version Manager: Where is the ISLV.INI / .islvrc file located and can the location of that file be changed?
How To Find Where the file is or which one VM is using For Windows Versions prior to (GUI, CLI, PCLI or IDE Client)
CMS-XML Desktop client GUI does not use the date and time format from Regional Options dialog in the Windows Operating System
parameters "pvcs.sDateFormat" and "pvcs.sTimeFormat" in the ISLV.INI file , located the section [PVCSGUI_6.5] These parameters normally have no values assigned to them, to indicate the OS setting should be used.
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