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CMS-XML How-To Configure the Attachment Directory Access Account Logon Privilege
On startup, AE now looks in the registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TeamShare\TeamTrack, for a DWORD named "WebAttach LoginType". If this is found, we use the integer value. If it is not found, we then look in the db TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS table for an entry named AttachUserLoginType
CMS-XML How To Store Attachments On a Shared Network Drive.
From within the TeamTrack Administrator, select the "Options" drop down menu and then choose "Server Settings". Enter the NT username and password in the Attachment Directory Access Account area. This will be the same account you specified in the IIS console for the "Attachments" virtual directory.
PDF Serena TeamTrack User’s Guide
About TeamTrack button 24 Actions drop-down list 31, 172, 183 adding file attachments 185 adding item link attachments 186 adding Item Notifications 187 adding URL attachments 184 creating subtasks 175, 190 linking principal item to subtasks 192 linking ... to principal item 190 unlinking principal/subtasks 193 active items browsing in Folders View 38 searching for 58, 73, 79, 82 administrative locks clearing 262 administrator browser access 262 e-mailing 24 launching from browser 262 searching for users 266 user accounts 266 Advanced Lookup ... search results 80 submitting items from 170 ...
PDF Serena TeamTrack Administrator Manual
• User - To store attachment files in a file system on a server other than the TeamTrack Web server, enter the account name of a user who has permission to access the directory specified in the Path box. Since the TeamTrack Web server does not have permission to access shared network drives, TeamTrack uses this account to access the shared attachments directory. If the attachment directory is on the same machine as the server, the User and Password text boxes should remain empty.
PDF Serena TeamTrack Administrator’s Guide
Allow Mass Update Field Property 169, 209 Allow Spell Check 397 Anonymous Users 264 Attachment Privileges 339 Note Privileges 339 Submitting As 143 Any State 67 In Transitions 84 API TeamTrack 26 API/Script Access Type 273 User Preferences 290 Application Programming Interface 26 ... 25 Archive Database Wizard 471 Archived Items Privileges 299 Archiving Accessing Archived Items 476 ... Resolution Field 34 Attachment Directory Access Account 402 Attachment Options Directory Access Account 402 Numbering 406 ... Unrestricted Defaults 405 Attachment Privileges 303 Attachments And Anonymous Users 339 And E-mail Recorder 384 Assigning Privileges 303 Browser Display Option 286
CMS-XML Attachment Directory Access Account user ignores domain causing unable to upload attachment issues
Attachment Directory Access Account user ignores domain causing unable to upload attachment issues
CMS-XML Switching to store attachments in the database from the filesystem is broken - error in event viewer - SQL Error Accessing 'ATTACHMENT'
The workaround is to set valid user name and password for Attachment Directory Access Account . Create some local user on Application Engine server, give this user permissions to access folder (...\SBM\Application Engine\attachments) and provide its credentials in System Administrator (press OK once you've done editing)
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.6 - New Error Messages
5. Errors generated by the Copy Database Wizard now contain the TS_ID of the last record read from the current table of the source database. 6. A warning message now displays when administrators provide an invalid user name and password for the Attachment Directory Access Account setting located on the Attachments tab of the Setting dialog box.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... SUBMIT"> Submit ... ) was denied access due to lack ... ... Setting the user's access type to " ... ... ACCOUNTFOR"> Account For ... contact an external user account . ... will not be attached as a note ... ... n(this entry point does not ... ... NULL pointer in Submit function.< ... ... ' has an invalid value. ... INVALIDOPERATOR"> Invalid operator ({ ... ... field has an invalid value: { ... ... ' has an invalid value. Invalid file extension detected ... ... ' has an invalid value. Invalid file extension detected ...
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... ACCESS"> Invalid View access. ... ... have permissions to access these values. ... ... >The following attachments were part of ... ... E-mail Attachments List ... REMOTEADMINACCESSPRIVILEGE"> Access Denied. ... have Remote Administrator access privileges.< ... ... you need to access the system immediately ... ... SOURCEBRIDGEACCESSPRIVILEGE"> Access Denied. ... have Source Bridge access privileges.< ... Your user account has been disabled ... ... Row and Column entries cannot reference the ... ... >The Column entry must be filled ... ... to the specified Access Level. ... Choose a permissible Access Level.< ...
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