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CMS-XML Version Manager Rich IDE (RIDE) integrations fail to connect to SBM with error "Could not authenticate (Invalid user)"
While trying to open a solution from source control from a RIDE client, attempts to connect to an SBM server fail with the error: Could not authenticate (Invalid user)
CMS-XML SBM 11 with Oracle 12c: error ORA-06596 when creating an Oracle user
When creating a schema owner for you may receive ORA-65096: invalid common user or role name If the pluggable database option was installed on the Oracle server
CMS-XML SBM 11.4.1 Hotfix 5: Incoming emails not saved as note; Oracle expression error; Mail Client with Exchange; Repository fail to start; Missing transitions; Rich Text; Multi-user field; Creating Service Request; SRC Mobile submit
DEF324761: Mail Client does not always attach emails as a note; error " Invalid white space character (0x1) in text to output"
CMS-XML SBM: Some users not getting notification, error "java.lang.NullPointerException at com.serena.sbm.ns.process.EventServiceImpl.lambda$0 "
The effected users had an invalid email address in the CC field of their profile settings (Settings > General > E-mail Notification CC- Users ). Removing this value fixed the problem.
CMS-XML One or more VM I-Net Web Client users find that module assocations made via SourceBridge do not get stored if VM and SBM are both using SSO authentication
When this happens, Version Manager may continue to send old cached credentials in addition to the SSO token. SBM will use these (now invalid ) credentials instead of the SSO token, resulting in a failure during the final step of the process that links the revision to the issue.
CMS-XML SBM: What to do when a user leaves the company
This does not cause any major problems unless the user is the owner of an item. If you did not use the Out of Office feature to reassign his items and someone tried to update that item, they would get a message that the owner is invalid . Similarly, if you try to transition an item into a new state where the deleted users would become the owner, the transition will fail with a message about an invalid user.
CMS-XML How-To Delete or Disable Users in SBM
- Invoke the following SQL: UPDATE TS_USERS SET TS_STATUS = 2 WHERE TS_ LOGINID = 'jsmith';
CMS-XML Multi user selection list repopulate with invalid users
SBM 2009 R3
CMS-XML GetItem operation returning the loginId for multi-user fields instead of the display name
SBM 10.1.5
CMS-XML Invalid user error in UI when only the group is assigned to a role & not user
SBM 10.1
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