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CMS-XML Link Browser Issues with IE9
These link browser issues are not seen with other browsers , nor are they see with IE 10 or 11. We realize that in some organizations there are no browser choices - therefore, if using IE 9 we suggest that the user accept the default color settings.
CMS-XML Known issues with Internet Explorer version 5.01, service packs 2 and 3
2. For most browsers , a wizard is available when creating a report. In Internet Explorer 5.01 browsers, the report form displays in a single window. Wizard navigation buttons still display on the form, and cause an error when clicked.
CMS-XML Popup is being loaded instead of shell when browser tab is closed and shell URL is re-opened in IE
Steps to reproduce this issue : - log in to SRC and submit a new request making sure the submit form contains a relational field - click on the "Click to create or view the field name in a popup window" button next to the relational field to bring up the dialogue as a popup window (it's the button in the shape of a paper with an arrow pointing to the right)
CMS-XML MCLG: Hot fix: Firefox adds <br> tag to every field, IE browser locks up on Properties screen
Below is a complete list of bugs addressed in the attached hot fix. Issue found in Release: 5.1.0 Fixed bugs in this hot fix
CMS-XML Label alignment in custom forms show extra padding in IE browser
The current work around is to either change the from a GroupBox to an Expander or Panel. These seem to be unaffected by the cell padding issue .
CMS-XML DimCM: Web Client and/or Admin Console: Abnormalities in browser when using IE 11 with Enterprise Mode
To resolve this issue customer should remove the Web Client / Admin Console URL from the Enterprise Mode site list, which is normally maintaned by sys admin on their network. Another option is to use IP address, or hostname, in the Web Client URL, to make the URL different from what's included in the site list.
CMS-XML Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode issues in SBM and SOO
In SBM 10.1.4 and later: "Modern" browser support was introduced in SBM 10.1.4, and many features require Web browsers that support HTML5. Modern browser features require Compatibility Mode to be disabled in all supported versions of Internet Explorer for: - Serena Work Center
CMS-XML IE memory usage increases in SBM client until the browser crashes or otherwise becomes unusable when running Rich Graphical Reports
Stopping the browser more often than usual resolves the issue for the current session and is also a possible workaround. For another workaround, which requires editing of JS files, please contact Serena Support.
CMS-XML VM 8.5.3 Patch 001: HotFix for VM 8.5.3 to solve Web Client issues using Internet Explorer
Serena VM web client en_US (Build 071.001 If this confirms the HotFix was correctly installed, but the HTTPS fix is not working, make sure your IE browser cache is clearned (Tools -> Internet options : Browsing history - Delete) and that the option Preserve Favorites website data is NOT
CMS-XML My forms look different in IE, Firefox, and Chrome
If you Google for "why do my web pages look different in different browsers ", you will see many blogs on the same topic . This has been a problem for as long as there have been different browsers. Even with exactly the same HTML code, different browsers will interpret and render the page differently.
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