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CMS-XML TestBridge 1.0 - Registry Settings (FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY)
TestBridge 1.0 - Registry Settings (FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY )
CMS-XML Transition/state internal name validation is case sensitive
SBM Composer does not allow same internal name for states and transitions only if both internal names are in same letter case. eg. STATE1 and STATE1
CMS-XML CreateAuxItem is prepending space to text field internal value
If you have a fixed length Text field say size 11 and fill it using sbmappservices72.CreateAuxItem (v11.1) the field will only accept 10 (n-1) characters in the display and in the DB there will be a space character appended to the text string of 10 characters.
CMS-XML COBOL XML using external file CCXMLOUT still getting 'SER6203E Internal buffers are full'
COBOL XML program is only calling service CMPONENT/PKG_COMP/LIST. COBOL Program coded to use external file CCXMLOUT (a //CCXMLOUT DD statement was added in the JCL) so the results will be written to the dataset instead of being constructed in memory. XML COPYBOOK changed so RESULT buffer is '20000', but getting the following abend when number of components around 9000:
CMS-XML Error: Internal error # 10 When Trying to Checkout With A Lock.
This file was approximately 10 megs in size. The user could perform an archive report, could checkout read- only , and could checkout other files with a lock. Other users were unable to checkout this one file with a lock also.
CMS-XML Traceability view yields "Internal error occurred" plus "loading traceabiltiy report" messages
Traceability view yields " Internal error occurred" plus "loading traceabiltiy report" messages Initial analysis indicates the behavior surfaces only when no privileges have been granted to the "Classes" and "Categories" objects. change request DEF223249 is tracking the above behavior LATEST: As a result of DEF223249 the behavior has been corrected. Dimensions RM reports they ". .
CMS-XML Internal Error occurred when using Quick Search
This may be caused by having a space character as the first and only character in the search field. Check the search field to make sure you have some printable characters in the search field before pressing the Search button.
CMS-XML Dim10: VM2DIM: Warning:8020:Could not remove read only attribute from files :
The Migration Console calls an internal function to remove the Read Only attribute from the \Console\Migrations\ migration_name
CMS-XML SBM internal authentication from web services does not work if server is set to use NTCR / SSO authentication
When SBM is set to use NTCR / SSO authentication it should be possible to run web service calls against this system using SBM internal user IDs. In SBM a web service call using any SBM internal only user ID and password fails with
CMS-XML 12.x / build => Error during Build Execution : Internal SPI error: BCB1901000E Error: SOAP FAULT: SOAP-ENV:Client"Connection refused"
this is fixed by setting correctly only the DM_WEB_URL symbole in the dm.cfg as follow : DM_WEB_URL http://<servername>:<port > For instance, they would look similar to the following:
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