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CMS-XML Package install procedure failing to identify SE37 abend during install JCL build.
CMN8700I - DEMO004039 Installation JCL Build service completed According to the customer, no third party package code ( e .g. CA-PDSMAN, BMC StopX37, etc.) is in use to interfere with this processing.
CMS-XML F5 (install JCL build) fails for release package if components missing from final area
*** b. RC=8 from the file tailoring task ( e .g. CMNsADSP). c. The following in the SERVER started task output:
CMS-XML S0C4-11 CMNVPIJB+357E executing install JCL build processing
A customer has reported a package freeze request failing with a S0C4-11 at CMNVPIJB+357 E in the external file tailoring address space (CMNsADSP). The customer very recently upgraded from ZMF 7.1.2 to They have an existing automated process that runs nightly which:
CMS-XML S0C4-10 CMNEX093+2C for release package install JCL build using sample code
A customer has enabled CMNEX093 to override the default hfs directory permissions for those allocated by CMN ZMF. After doing so, any attempts to build the JCL for a release-related package (i. e . via F5 or Release Block functions) fail in the file tailoring task ( e .g. CMNsADSP) with the following abend:
CMS-XML V5.3.2 ERO - Issue with resubmit the install JCL
When the install JCL is built for release packages there is no way to resubmit the install JCL build for a single package if there was a failure . Currently the only way to do this is to revert the release and re-approve the release.
CMS-XML CMN21 installation job is intermittently failing to submit
2. Build the X node JCL after final approval by setting. change the Admin parm " BUILD INSTALL JCL AT APPROVE" to "YES"? Be aware that this is both a global parm and an application parm.
CMS-XML Invalid CMN1103A building release package X-file
Error occurred during package install sites CMN1103A - Undefined package site information. CMN8703I - SYS(5) - SNBA000030 Installation JCL Build service failed
PDF ChangeMan ZMF Installation Guide
CMN8703I - SYS(x) - aaannnnnn Installation JCL Build service failed Explanation: Install JCL build server [server_name] did not successfully complete building install JCL for package aaaannnnnn in the ChangeMan ZMF instance running under the SERNET instance with subsystem ID x. This package will not install as expected.
PDF Serena StarTool DA Installation Guide
COBOL statement failing 179 command input SDSF 121 commands UNHOOK 188 compatibility mode 22 compile generations, maximum 87 compile retention period 87 components CICS debug/viewing server 21 error detector server 20 installation /configuration server 22 ISPF debug/viewing server 22 language server for COBOL 21 workload server 19 configuration checklist member 97 Configuration Definition panels 64, 65, 66, 68, 69, 70 configuration file 133 configuration ID 57 configuration IDs, assigning 63 configuration jobs defining 90 generating 91, 93 JCL procedure library 90 JES subsystem 90 job card image ...
CMS-XML Request for Fix to TT4ZMF for ChangeMan ZMF Post Approvers
When the ' Install JCL Build Process' fails on the ZMF side, the ChangeMan ZMF Approval List will "NOT" list that Package for approval (which is correct). However, TeamTrack "WILL" list the Package for Approval (which is incorrect).
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