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CMS-XML SBM: How to increase the number of rows returned in a scheduled report (Scheduled Report not returning all items)
In the SBM System Administrator, there are settings to limit the items that are displayed. From the System Administrator > Options > Settings > Display, under the Max Items to Display section, you'll see two settings: Scheduled Report Items (Excel) and Scheduled Report Items (PDF).
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Find Item - Blank rows in returned results makes Desktop Client unstable
In addition to this, scrolling among these results causes the desktop client to crash. The problem has been identified as a limit on the number of items found, which by default is set to 250, but which can be increased to a maximum of 1000 by setting the client DM.CFG parameter PCMS_SORTING_FIND_MAX 1000. Below are the steps to reproduce the problem: -
CMS-XML Dim10: GET Item - ACL4501290E Error:RPC execution failed - 102(RFOPENWRITECLOSE),"Error: -117440000 parameters returned, expected 1"
The above issue is due to the blocksize not being large enough. Below are examples on how to increase the Block size:
CMS-XML SBM: Export to Excel only exports 1000 items, even if the report returns more
: Increasing the value of Listing Report Items also increases the amount of memory required by the server to run reports and perform exports. Consider this when increasing the value.
CMS-XML 12.2.x : Mass deploy of items to a z/os area returns ACL4501293E Error: RPC execution failed - 61 (WRITEFILES), "Error: Data streaming failed."
This has been solved by increasing the size of the address space in the RACF user profile for the OMVS segment. To do this, increase the value of the ASSIZEMAX parameter by using this RACF command : ALTUSER userid OMVS(ASSIZEMAX(<value>) Contact your system/racf administrator to do this.
CMS-XML Record Management difference in XML-ISPF causes data loss
Within the ISPF administration panels, records are gathered by issuing a 'read only, increment sequence number , readonly method, where the program continues reading data until a 'no record found' condition is returned . At that point it assumes all records have been gathered.
CMS-XML When copy tasks from a Release Package (or Turnover or Task Template or Runbook), the Release Package cannot be found (only 1000 are returned)
Workaround: You can increase the max to be more than 1000 from the SBM System Administrator under Options > Settings > Display > Change Listing Report Items . However, this will cause performance problems if the value is increased too much. You do not need to restart services for this change.
CMS-XML SBM: Can I change the format of a PDF scheduled report?
How to increase the number of rows returned by the report: For information about increasing the number of rows returned , see KB S141480 . How to change the format of the PDF document itself:
PDF MERANT PVCS VM for Rational Rose
Returning files to source control For information on returning files to source control, see “Re- adding Files to Source Control” on page 37. PVCS VM Development Interface Implementation Guide for Rational Rose
name, access) except win32api.error, details : if details [0]!=winerror.ERROR_SERVICE_DOES_NOT_EXIST: raise name = _GetServiceShortName(name) if name is None: raise return win32service.OpenService(hscm, name, access) def LocateSpecificServiceExe(serviceName): # Given the name of a specific service, return the .EXE
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