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CMS-XML About: #53824: Update Statistics for Oracle - Improve Performance
Statistics Maintenance on Oracle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
CMS-XML MCLG: Improving performance when running Collage with Oracle
Always work with your Oracle DBA before making any changes. This document is meant to be used as suggestion and general guide only. For complete information on Oracle's optimization feature, refer to the Oracle documentation.
CMS-XML MCLG: Tips for improving deploy performance on Oracle projects
When running a deploy, temporary tables are created, several queries are run to populate the tables, and many other queries are run as needed too. All of this database activity (although necessary to generate the correct results) can cause deploys to run slow, if Oracle is not configured optimally. This document will talk about the settings that will specifically help deploy performance.
CMS-XML MCLG: Suggested rebuild maintenance to improve performance with Oracle projects
Attached are two scripts, rebuild-all_from_extents.sql (for Oracle 8) and rebuild-all_from_extents_dbms_stats.sql (for Oracle 9 and 10). These scripts will do the rebuild operations. This script will also allocate a big next extent (half of the current object size) so that large inserts do not trigger multiple extent allocations that increase the response times too.
CMS-XML Improving Report Performance on Oracle Databases
The performance of your Business Mashups reports are most efficient when your Oracle database has up-to-date statistics. The statistics are used by Oracle's cost-based SQL optimizer (CBO) to help in its evaluation of SQL statements to determine the best execution plan for each statement.
CMS-XML Dim CM: Consider the use of HugePages to increase Oracle performance on Linux
Enabling HugePages makes it possible for the operating system to support memory pages greater than the default (usually 4 KB). Using very large page sizes can improve system performance by reducing the amount of system resources required to access page table entries. HugePages is useful for both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations.
CMS-XML KM-Dim8: Tuning Oracle for best performance with Dimensions
Note that these should all be physical disks and not just partitions of a single disk. Usually it's not possible to install in this manner but if you can get close it will improve performance .
CMS-XML Dim10: CVS2DM: How can we improve the performance through the Migration Console when migrating from CVS2DM?
Ensure that no users are accessing Dimensions Server during migration process. Ensure that Oracle has the correct tuning and is not a bottleneck. Ensure that no users are accessing Oracle DBMS during migration.
CMS-XML Dim2009R1: Addressing General Oracle Performance Problems for a Dimensions database
When statistics are present and up-to-date, Oracle will use these statistics to optimize the query, thus improving performance . Depending on how frequently the data changes, the statistics should be updated weekly or monthly. To update the statistics, use the Dimensions dmdba utility.
CMS-XML RM Install: Install guide must better explain Oracle install considerations
Explain possible location options for all components to the Oracle DB server. Include a note that a Single Server install has proved to provide the best performance . 4. Include a section on setting up the RM Server with as separate Oracle server.
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