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CMS-XML RM Import/Import Designer: fails to save some Class Rule section settings
RM Import cannot be used with Section setting, if "Column next to keyword" has been specified. The problem has also been reproduced with "Entire paragraph setting as well".
CMS-XML Dim10: VM2DIM: Error:7017:DmImport metadata could not be imported. additional information -or- Error:7017:Non-delta Dimensions Item Library cannot be used in Archive mode. NO ITEMS WILL BE IMPORTED
This error has been seen when the connection details within the Migration Console for Dimensions are incorrect. Verification of the details using the Edit Migration along with testing the connection. Once this connection can be made, save the changes and try the Migration again.
CMS-XML Cannot Import/Export Process App with Time Capture Control
Save the process app. Note: If the process app does not exist in the local cache or repository, contact Serena Technical Support for assistance.
CMS-XML Dim10: VM2DIM: Error:7037: merant.adm.framework.AttrException: Error: Object type is not supported!DmImport metadata could not be imported.
Save a copy of the DmData.xml file to a safe location. Then edit the file, using find, find this section:
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Unable to view imported life cycle images in GIF format
When a life cycle image cannot be viewed in the Process Modeller, export the image file and read it into Paint Shop Pro which is readily available shareware. (Paint Shop Pro can be downloaded from Open the image using Paint Shop Pro and " Save As" in any of the following formats:
CMS-XML RM 12.1 Change Request - DEF226168: Cannot use CVS Import Links for Non-CURRENT objects (Inactive)
- Create an excel spreadsheet with two columns for Marketing Object ID and one for Product Object IDs - Save as CSV - In RM Browser, CSV Import
CMS-XML Import tool doesn't save values when children are imported at the same time.
Import tool doesn't save values when children are imported at the same time.
CMS-XML Unable to override field in Web Administrator
Overriding a field in the Web Administrator in an On Demand environment to set a default value gives an error that says " Unable to import project changes" when trying to save the changes.
CMS-XML SBM: LDAP Import: "Send the log by e-mail when import completes" value is not saved / honored
When importing users from LDAP, you can setup and configure the LDAP Option Set. On this screen, there is an option for "Send the log by e-mail when import completes". The option selected here is not saved (i.e. next time you open the screen, the box is auto-selected) and not honored (even if you uncheck the box, you still get the email).
CMS-XML Importing Excel file and get "The 'objectType' element is invalid - The value '1Acme' is invalid according to its datatype" error
The error is caused by a limitation in the import utility and has been identified as a defect. The import utility doesn't allow importing of Investment Types that have a numeral as the first character of the System Name. In order to get around this issue you would have to create a new Investment Type with a non numeric character at the beginning of the name because once an investment type is created and saved you can't change the System Name after the fact.
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