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CMS-XML SDA Fails to import component versions from PVCS Version Manager by label if the label looks like a revision number
If SDA is being used to import component versions from PVCS Version Manager and if the import is accomplished by label, then the import may fail if the format of the label is indistinguishable from a revision number. For example, if the label is 123.4 this will fail . However, if the label is R123.4 then the import will succeed.
CMS-XML Filesystem versioned import fails when case is changed in a directory from the previous import
Have a component with File System Versioned source type Configure it for automatic impot Have one version imported (e.g. Filedeleted)
CMS-XML SDA Components with Source Type PVCS may fail to import files with long patnames
Files within a PVCS VM project that have a pathname (folders and filename) that is long may fail to import into SDA. It is possible that no error will be presented to the user, the only indication that this has taken place is the fact that the file was not imported with the remainder of the files that make up this version .
CMS-XML SRA: application/component JSON import fails for some cases where secure property values are used
component process called prc_cmp_paul of type operation (no version needed) In the component process, add a shell step to run – echo Hello World In the component process create a property called PAULS_PROP with a type of SECURE Add the component to the application Create an application process called prc_app_paul In the application process add a step to “apply configuration”
CMS-XML SRA: When exporting a component and importing on another server get error: Import Failed: Detailed message is not available
This is caused by a bug that is corrected in SDA version 5.1.1 and 5.1.2. In the meantime, the following is a workaround for one possible cause for this problem.
CMS-XML SDA: Component import fails with "java.lang.NullPointerException" message
SDA: Component import fails with "java.lang.NullPointerException" message
CMS-XML Upload Artifacts Process Step may hang agent when Component Version Name contains ":"
When Component Version Name contains a ":" such as a baseline name from a Dimensions import , if the Upload Artifacts step is run on a Linux agent, it will hang the agent and fail to complete the process. The process will need to be cancelled and the agent may need to be restarted.
CMS-XML SDA: JSON application import fails with inactive or removed objects
Create an Application called app_test1 Create a Component called cmp_test1 with a Component Process called prc_cmp_test1 of type Operational (no version needed) to, for example, run a Shell step to echo "hello world". Create another Component called cmp_test2 with a Component Process called prc_cmp_test2 of type Operational (no version needed) to, for example, run a Shell step to echo "hello world".
CMS-XML SDA: Replication import with component process step run global process fails
Importing a replication export from a SDA 5.1.6 system to 6.1.2 fails with the error "Process Import Failed : Process with name = 123456 already exists<!-- -->" The problem happens when the 5.1.6 export contains a component process step "Run Global Process" and the global process used has the same name as a Global Process in SDA 6.1.2
CMS-XML Error on deploy: The endpoint reference (EPR) for the Operation not found is /mashupmgr/services/sbmimportcallback72 and the WSA Action = null or Invoking import callback failed: End of file or no input: The handle is invalid.
To resolve permanently, if scheduled deploys is something you regularly do, you can make the change below on the Server hosting the "Application Admiinstrator/Mashup Manager/Application Repository" (name of component depends on the version you are running). Locate the following file depending on if you use JBoss or Tomcat JBoss:
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