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CMS-XML This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.
Given that SSL is enabled. If the user types: tmtrack / tmtrack.dll , the browser will assume HTTP with no S. The redirect to the SSO login page gets to the IDP using SSL, however, the following url is called using HTTP. Chrome does not allow the CSS to be downloaded so the user gets the default brown login page instead of the modern blue theme that is setup.
CMS-XML Error 500 after login using a http://hostname/workcenter/tmtrack.dll?shell=swc#1 URL after login
Steps to reproduce: - in SBM Configurator enable https for IIS and Tomcat - enable Single Sign-On
MS-EXCEL test SSOExcel.xlsx
1 Copy report link from SBM and paste to the right https :// tmtrack / tmtrack.dll ?ReportPage&Template=reports%2Flist&reportid=106 2 Select the Data tab
CMS-XML Users are getting an error indicating that the SSL certificate is not valid
After installing SSL on the IIS server, users go to the URL https ://servername/ tmtrack / tmtrack.dll ? and get "certificate is not valid" message before being redirected to the URL https://servername:8243/ALFSSOLogin...
CMS-XML Adding Unsecure URL in a Secure Service Request Center
If you are running your Service Request Center under SSL, that is, you access it through https ://server/ tmtrack / tmtrack.dll ?shell=srp, and you attempt to add a url to a non-secure site (http), you will receive an error in your browser's console and the page will not load.
CMS-XML Relational fields not pre-filled when user opens submit modern form from a copied URL
Steps to reproduce 1) Go to https ://<hostname>/ tmtrack / tmtrack.dll ?shell=srp#catalog 2) Select a Service Request that uses Legacy Mode submit form.
CMS-XML Link to Dashboard is incorrect for On-Demand customer (HSSO)
Steps to reproduce 1. Logon to https :// tmtrack / tmtrack.dll ?shell=swc#1 and select an Application 2. Select a Dashboard
CMS-XML Solutions are not accessible using external access with SBM
https :// tmtrack.dll ?shell=srp ...causes a 403 error and the user cannot access the site. This issue was found internally by Serena QA while testing a reverse proxy with external log in.
CMS-XML SSO and SSL: Only secure content is displayed and users get error about mixed content
When using SSO and http, if the user goes to http://server/ tmtrack / tmtrack.dll , they will be redirected to https . However, users may be prompted and told that non-secure content is being used. As an example, the user may get this Security Warning
CMS-XML OK and Cancel buttons disappear
Problem is in transition forms and also aux table submit Error in DevTools is: Failed to excute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Fail to load ' https ://server/ tmtrack / tmtrack.dll ?shell=swc&SectionStatesForm' " Synchronous XHR in page dismissal
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