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CMS-XML Get "http status code not Successful 2xx" or "http status: 401, http message: Unauthorized" using Basic authentication with RestCaller web service.
<faultstring>http status code not Successful 2xx</faultstring> <detail> <ns2:RESTCallerFault xmlns:ns2=' '> http status: 401, http message: Unauthorized</ns2:RESTCallerFault>
CMS-XML Get "null preparing REST service" error trying to use RestCaller web service with Basic Authentication and no password.
<detail> <ns2:RESTCallerFault xmlns:ns2=' '>null preparing REST service: http ://</ns2:RESTCallerFault> </detail>
CMS-XML Using the RESTCaller SOAP wrapper utility service with JSON response but value doesn't get saved.
The next critical thing is that the Namespace defined for the working data must look like the following. The initial Complex Type called "BodyJSONVariableIn" has to have a Namespace called " " The other working data elements must ALL have nothing defined in the Namespace property including the JsonDoc element and any children elements under it.
CMS-XML Get the following error in the common log using the RESTCaller web service connecting to an HTTPS url.
<faultstring>IO error from REST service</faultstring> <detail> <ns2:RESTCallerFault xmlns:ns2=' '>IO error from REST service</ns2:RESTCallerFault>
CMS-XML RestCaller catch in orchestration gives error - Transport level information does not match with SOAP Message namespace
ns9:note xmlns:S="" xmlns:ns2=" " xmlns:ns4=" http ://"> http status: 404, http message: Not Found</ns9:note>
CMS-XML Example application to illustrate using the "RESTCaller" functionality that enables an SBM orchestration workflow to call REST-based Web services.
This value must match the namespace from the response. By default the namespace that comes back from the RESTCaller is " ". If that namespace is wrong the value assignments later in the orchestration won't get assigned.

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