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CMS-XML DimCM: How to change the dmsys user to another user
This document covers how to change the DMSYS user id to another user id but will not replace the dmsys user .
CMS-XML DimCM: How to change the dmsys user to another user id
RREG DMSYS /USER=<NewUserId> replacing <NewUserId> with the new user id created in the prerequisite. 3. Log out of DMCLI.
CMS-XML KM-DIM10: Reported Defect: VM2DIM: Problem during the import step when the Dim user specified is not dmsys
The workaround is to manually modify the dmdata.xml file and replace dmsys with the user .
CMS-XML Decode of user attributes in PCMS_USER_ATTRIBUTES_DEF
is: CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW pcms_ user _attributes_def (attr_no, attr_scope, variable,
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: PDIFF design part import fails (load_parts) Dimensions user does not exist $USER cannot be validated
Each design part is associated to a user , therefore the users have to either exist in the basedb or you need to modify the pdiff file and replace the usernames with a user that exists in the target basedb, such as ' DMSYS '....
CMS-XML DIM10: Replace option in grep command works only for some files
Steps To Reproduce The command run is similar to the following: GREP / USER _FILENAME="C:\DOCUME~1\ dmsys \LOCALS~1\Temp\pt4d8205.tmp" /SEARCH="%PIRW%" /PRODUCT="PAYROLL" /TYPE_LIST=(SRC) /WS_DIR="/" /TEXT_ REPLACE ="Removed" /LATEST /NORECURSIVE
CMS-XML The silent installer option IS_DESTINATION is no longer included; it is replaced with ServerDetailsInstallLoc
-P installLocation="/opt/serena/sra" -V ServerDetailsInstallLoc="/opt/serena/sra/ dmsys /.serena/ra" -V DbDetailsVendor="oracle"
PDF Java API with Eclipse
Save the file. Step 3: Configure and subscribe the DMSYS user 1. Run the following DMCLI command to set the email address for the DMSYS user , replace the value in yellow with a valid email address, however the @ sign needs to be specified twice.
PDF Serena Dimensions CM Installation Guide
The commands to be executed are: 1 Stop all Dimensions processes. 2 Create the user temporary tablespace and grant usage of the new tablespace to the dmsys user , by entering the following commands and replacing '/opt/pvcs/dim9/db2/datafiles/dim9' with the relevant location for your system:
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Path seperators are replaced with blanks after upgrading Dimensions
Example: sqlplus intermediate/intermediate@ PCMS 2. Run the script file "do_files.sql"
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