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CMS-XML Creating Repeating Notifications
You can configure a notification so that it ... ... create a repeating notification : ... or edit the notification that you want ... ... stops the repeated notifications from generating. ... for repeating the notification until the selected ... ... to generate repeat notifications on weekends. ... that reflects operational hours of Monday through ... an 8- hour period that begins ... on Monday at 1 p.m ... tab, and then verify that the correct users are subscribed to the repeated notification . ... Be sure to verify subscribers have permissions to view items on which the notification is based.
CMS-XML Scheduled report and delay notifications are out by one hour for Moscow timezone
To reproduce change your timezone in your user profile to be Moscow timezone and run a scheduled report or a delay notification . The resultant email has the incorrect time in it or if a delay notification this will be received an hour later than expected.
CMS-XML Process the 10.x notification server uses to configure the database from a previous version of SBM/TT
1 . NS checks if the schema exists, by checking existence of the NS_REGISTRY table (contained in the database JBOSS is connected to). In case of 2009R2 this table doesn’t exist, thus schema is considered absent in DB.
CMS-XML The highest number of minutes/hours/days an escalation or repeat of notification can be set to is ten
Development Manager 1 .2Release Control 3.3Requirements Manager 1.0SBM Manager 3.1
CMS-XML TRK: How to set up return address for automatic/manual email notification.
You can set return address on PVCS Tracker for manual notification and on PVCS Notify for automatic notification. For Manual Email Notification: 1 . From the PVCS Tracker menu, select | Tools | Mail System... |
MS-WORD Upon installing JavaWebServer1
Windows NT, version 4.00 Notification by File time comparison FILES AND DIRECTORIES ADDED OR CHANGED: (808)
CMS-XML Dim10: How To: Set up mail notifications for roles
[/[NO]DIGEST] [/ROLES=(role 1 ,role2,…)] [/USER_LIST=(user1,user2,…)]
CMS-XML If you stop the Notification Server in the Configuration Utility, it will not process notifications until JBoss is restarted
Reproduce as follows: ( 1 ) Check the Notification Server working and sending emails (2) Go to the Configuration Utility and select manage services and "stop" the Notification Server only and wait a few minutes
CMS-XML CMN990 report fails when run against a new ZMF 5.6.x install when the 'Global Notification File' modification Date and Time have not been updated in the Package Master.
533 +++ gndate=date(,SER 1 .globalNoticeModDate.ix,'S') 75 +++ call OutputPARMS 75 +++ interpret 'call Output'servname
CMS-XML Dim2009R1: Using email templates and variables to customize Dimensions email notifications
To change one template, make a copy of it in the new custom_email_templates directory. Make all changes in this directory and leave the changed template in this directory. To cause the Dimensions email utility to search for templates in this directory first and secondly in the default template directory, please make the following changes to environment variables in your Dimensions configuration :
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