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CMS-XML When creating a new report, how do I hide some fields from the "Select Columns to Display" list?
You can control the list of the fields that are shown in the "Select Columns to Display" list by editing the field in Composer. You will find the option following these steps:
CMS-XML TT661: Reported DEF115651: Hidden field value error when mapped to web service call
Mapping a hidden field to a web service input in a transition will result in unexpected results or an error at run time. The string "******" is passed instead of the field value.
CMS-XML Fields Viewable in Hidden Fields Section on Custom Forms
Users who have the "View Hidden fields on Details Reports " privilege will see fields placed in the Hidden Fields section on custom state forms.
CMS-XML Orchestration referencing hidden fields fails if privilege not set
If an orchestration references fields in the Hidden section, and the user does not have the privilege "View Hidden Fields in Detail Reports ", then the orchestration may fail. Specifically if fields in the Hidden section are referenced then their contents will be null to the orchestration and therefore may cause incorrect processing. e.g. a decision step based on a "Hidden Field" will always run the "otherwise" path, because field is null due to item type being placed in a hidden section.
CMS-XML Reports engine doesn't evaluate accurately field sections
If you have a field (Date/Time field type was used to reproduce the issue) set up in the Hidden section of the table and then this field is then overriden in a state so that it is moved to the Standard section, the reports engine will perceive it as still being in the Hidden section.
CMS-XML Multi-Table System Fields report doesn't allow selection of projects
Multi-Table System Fields report doesn't allow selection of projects in the 'Search Filter > Field Specification>Project' field , for those projects whose submit transitions are set with ' Hide Button on Form' setting. The project name is simply not available as selection.
CMS-XML View hidden fields in notification
The "View Hidden Fields in Details Reports" privilege also allows hidden fields to be shown within a notification. This can be toggled depending on whether a user needs to view these fields in reports /notifications or not.
CMS-XML Revert fix for hidden fields showing on custom forms
DEF143640 fixed an issue with hidden fields appearing on custom forms. Some customers relied on the prior behavior (primarily for reporting purposes), which enabled the use of these hidden fields even though it was considered a defect.
CMS-XML Date-only fields in reports could leave out records
If a date-only field has a hidden time component (maybe it used to be a date-time field ) and a report is created e.g. with Date <= 1/5/2006, any value that occurred on 1/5/06 but had a time attached will put it beyond the limit, when it should be included in the report results. Values in a date-only field can have a time component if the field was previously a datetime field and the TTAdmin changed the field attribute.
CMS-XML How to run a report on an empty field?
How to run a report on an empty field ?
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