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CMS-XML Using the web page widget to embed an SBM report into a Form
(1) Run the report and copy the URL to the clipboard for reference e.g. http://localhost/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?jzbrczwv&ReportPage&Template=reports%2Flist&ReportId=168&TableId=1142& HasRuntimeParams =1&f2590=6&g2590_left=&h2590=1&multi_f2590_left=6&projectid=1&reporttype=1&submit=Run%20Report
CMS-XML JSONAPI GetItemsByListingReport Query at Runtime using the TS field names ignores field name filters
http://serenadev/jsonapi/getitemsbylistingreport/TSM_PACKAGES/tsm_packages_by_criteria? hasRuntimeParams =1&F_TS_APPLICATION_CI.1=90393&F_TS_BINARY_VERSION.1=01.02.77&F_TS_ID_CONFIG_ECM.1=&F_TS_LO_ITENV.1= does not work. The same call using the internal IDs works fine
CMS-XML Server hangs when accessing a specific item or when transitioning an item. Users receive "Out of memory. Error processing tag SUBTASKS_SECTION"
The server was processing this URL when this message was created: http://< serverDesignation >/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?xdqlgtlh&ReportPage&Template=reports%2Flist&ReportId=32000&TableId=1126& HasRuntimeParams =1&f6890=244&projectid=433&reporttype=1 Another symptom of this issue is the IIS process on the SBM server will start use 100% of the CPU and memory will continue to climb until IIS is restarted.
CMS-XML How to avoid submitting duplicate auxiliary items in SBM 11.1+
var theVal = GetFieldValue(theField); var theurl = "tmtrack.dll?JSONPage&command=jsonapi&JSON_Func=getitemsbylistingreport&JSON_P1=" + theReport + "& hasruntimeparams =1&" + theFieldId + "=" + theVal function get(url,callback) {
CMS-XML How can I find the name of the report associated with a "Reference Name" and the project it resides in to troubleshoot the Embedded Report Widget?
http://localhost/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?ReportPage=&template=reports%2Flist&ReportRef=TSM_INCIDENTS.SSM.IM.OtherIncidents& HasRuntimeParams =1&F_TS_AFFECTED_USER=2&embedded= The part of the URL you care about is the "ReportRef" parameter. In the example above this is:
CMS-XML How to use the RunReportXml web service with a report that takes a query at runtime parameter.
<urn:extraOption><urn:name>F70v1</urn:name><urn:value>Your Other Value</urn:value></urn:extraOption> <urn:extraOption><urn:name> HasRuntimeParams </urn:name><urn:value>1</urn:value></urn:extraOption> </urn:options>
CMS-XML Embedded report widgets with QAR are creating very long URLs
1000009&f3357=1000007&f3357=1000006&f3357=1000005&f3357=1000003&f3357=1000001&f3357=7&f3357=6&f3357=5&f3357=3&f3357=2&f3357=1&filterbydependency=1&g3357_left=&h3357=1& hasruntimeparams =1
MS-WORD Check point for DPM connector (Subversion)
IDM mashup check in Composer Default state form – Code tab - URL box &ReportId=XXXX&, }& HasRuntimeParams =1&f000
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions + if ( frameName.toLowerCase() == "list" && hasruntimeparams /i) > -1 )
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions $INCLUDE(CalendarSetup) @@ -78,12 +78,16 @@ - +
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