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CMS-XML How to get textfield ID in javascript Like getElementById(); ?
How to get textfield ID in javascript Like getElementById (); ?
CMS-XML How to update the IE title bar with a value from Mariner
var project = document. getElementById ("ctl1243882493692");
CMS-XML How-To remove the required field control widget from modern forms
var control = document. getElementById ('RequiredFldControls');"none";
CMS-XML Date attrbitues in Group Box is not disappearing fully when group box is hidden
2. Select an investment 'Project' and 'Views->Summary' . 3. Create a new form in 'Summary' named 'Test' 4. In the form drag and drop the 'group box' control and add date attribute (created date) into the group box. 5. Then in the script make the group box as hidden(after user clicking the save button) window.document. getElementById ("ctl1265608588808").style. visibility="hidden";
CMS-XML Workflow Help and Item Help Windows don't work
Stop IIS. Open C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\template\formbtns.htm in an editor and edit it as per below : ...... var emaillink = document. getElementById ("emaillink"); if(emaillink != null && !parent.window.eMail)
CMS-XML Javascript API: GetFieldValue strips CRLF characters in the field when using Firefox
The javascript GetFIeldValue uses either getElementById ("field").innerText for IE or getElementById ("field").textContent for FireFox. This innerText property returns CRLF chars, but textContent does not. Fore example,
CMS-XML How can the date format setting of a logged in user be utilised in scripts or custom form elements?
var timeOnlyFormat = "$DATEFORMATSTRING(TimeOnly)"; document. getElementById ('div1').innerHTML = dateOnlyFormat + '<br/>' +
CMS-XML IE 10: Transition and state form buttons are not displayed correctly and cause the button text to run off the edge
At the end of the file, append: //toggle for buttons in IE 10 setTimeout(Fix,1000);setTimeout(Fix,2000);setTimeout(Fix,3000);setTimeout(Fix,6000); function Fix(){ if (navigator.appName == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer'){ var a=window.document. getElementById ("panelTools
CMS-XML String ID Displays at the End of Required Value Error
var text = document. getElementById (" ErrorMsg").text
CMS-XML performClearFieldValue() fails when run against single-list multiselection field
var leftSection = document. getElementById ( + "_LEFT"); var leftSectionLength = leftSection.length;
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