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CMS-XML VM: How to use a pre-generated SSL certificate that includes the private key with Tomcat in the PVCS Version Manager Web Application Server
The typical process to obtain an SSL certificate consists of generating a private key on the server, sending a signing request to a Certificate Authority, and apply its signature to the certificate (see KB S143068 ). However, if you are provided with a keystore containing a pre- generated SSL certificate that includes the private key , use the instructions below to import that into PVCS Version Manager's Tomcat instance.
CMS-XML VM 8.6+: Using certtool to generate an SSL certificate for the PVCS VM Web Application Server (Tomcat) that is signed by your Certificate Authority
Users of VM 8.6.2 or newer should go to step 2. Delete the file vm\common\ tomcat \conf\serena.keystore On Windows this can be done by executing the command:
CMS-XML VM 8.6+: Using certtool to generate a unique SSL certificate for the PVCS VM Web Application Server (Tomcat)
CRL File -> C:\Users\rgering\serena.crl CA Alias -> serena sample ca CA Keystore -> C:\Program Files (x86)\Serena\vm\common\ tomcat \conf\serena-ca.keystore
CMS-XML KM-DIM2009R2: How to configure Tomcat to use SSL with a self-signed certificate
The section in the Administration guide on how to setup Tomcat to use SSL simply points to the online Tomcat documentation. Here is a quick guide on how to generate a self-signed certificate and how to setup Tomcat to use it.
CMS-XML Using Version Manager with a custom SSL certificate - How to change the SSL certificate used to access Tomcat via HTTPS
This article shows an example of how to replace that certificate with one that is either signed by a commercial Certificate Authority (CA) or an internal one used by your company. If you are running VM 8.6.0 or newer and need to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), use KB doc S143068 instead. If you received a PKCS12 / PFX file from your CA with both the private key and the public certificate for your server, use KB doc S143483 instead.
CMS-XML Serena VM Web Application Server (Tomcat) SSL Sample Certificate Chain Contains RSA Keys Less Than 2048 bits
As of VM 8.6 you can easily generate a certificate using the certtool
CMS-XML Generate SSL certificate for the AutoPass License Server (APLS) - SBM 12 Licensing
"C:\Program Files\autopass\jre\jre\bin\keytool" -import -keystore "C:\Program Files\autopass\apls\apls\conf\test.jks" -file capublicCerts.p7 Add capublicCerts.p7b file (CA signing chain) to the SBM Configurator > Tomcat Server > HTTPS> Managed Trusted Certificates
CMS-XML VM: How to use an SSL certificate from IIS with Tomcat in the PVCS Version Manager Web Application Server
If Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) has a valid SSL certificate, it is possible to use this certificate with the Tomcat instance of PVCS Version Manager running on the same machine. That way VM clients can reach the VM File Server via Tomcat's port 8443, as accessing it via IIS (e.g port 443) is technically possible but not recommended due limitations imposed by IIS.
CMS-XML How to install an SSL certificate into the RLC 5.x/RLM 4.x/ALM 3.x JRE keystore for Serena Common Tomcat
When Tomcat needs to communicate with other systems via SSL, the JRE used by the Serena Common Tomcat will need to have the root certificate installed. If you do not know which JRE is being used by Serena Common Tomcat , you can follow these steps:
CMS-XML VM 8.6.1: VM I-Net Web Client Agent cannot connect to server if IIS or Tomcat requires an SSL Client certificate
With VM 8.6.0 and older, the Java plug-in would use the network connection that was already established by the browser. If the server was configured to require an SSL Client certificate , but the browser had this certificate , the Java applet would therefore transparently be allowed access.
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