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CMS-XML VM throws GPF (CLI) or UnknownException Error (GUI/PCLI/I-Net) if the File Server client cache directory is not writeable
CLI and DTK throw a General Protection Fault (referenced memory at "0x00000000"), and the Desktop client , PCLI and the web client server throw an error similar to: UnknownException at line 686 in WIN32/Tip/src/ProjectFileAPI.cpp. This problem was caused by poor handling of the case where the File Server Client Cache directory is an invalid location, which includes the directory not being writable.
CMS-XML How to change the size of the local VM File Server client cache directory on a workstation
For project databases with a very large structure or archives that are unsplit, it may be beneficial to increase the size of this cache to avoid retransmission of files that could have been preserved in the cache , as this can adversely impact the performance of accessing a project database.
CMS-XML Semaphore error thrown when updating VM File Server files on the same system running the File Server if the client cache directory is not writable
If a user runs Version Manager on the same system that runs the File Server, and the File Server client cache directory for that user cannot be written to, VM incorrectly reports this problem as an inability to create a semaphore without hinting at the underlying problem. It does so after first creating the semaphore(!), which is left behind so the File Server Admin has to clean it up.
CMS-XML File Server Admin: PDB cache lifespan setting "Refresh Now" doesn't refresh list
If a Project Database is deleted on the backend, the "on change" mode will make that is continues to show up it in the Open Project Database dialogs on the VM clients , until the value is changed to "refresh now", which is a one-time change that forces the list to get updated. Unfortunately the "refresh now" feature broke in VM and the list is not refreshed.
CMS-XML VM: After changing File Server URL, Desktop Client GUI shows: Pathmap "ClientName" conflicts with pathmap "ClientName" on deleted server.
When a VM File Server client connects to a File Server , it creates a cache table containing the Client Name paths of each Path Map to determine which paths should be sent to this server.
CMS-XML How to enable soap debugging to troubleshoot File Server issues
A get operation returning UNCHNG indicates that the file on the File Server is unchanged compared to the copy in the File Server client cache (based on etag=C^N#RoV]W\O
PDF Microsoft PowerPoint - 573-BOT1 - Track4 - Richard Gering - File Server [Read-Only]
pvcs.fileserver.path=/FullPathTo/servers.ini A REVOLUTION IN DEVELOPMENT Copyright ©2007 Serena Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Changing the size of the File Server Client Cache
MS-POWERPOINT Using the File Server to Enhance Performance and Security
Changing the size of the File Server Client Cache
CMS-XML VM I-Net Web Client cannot connect DaemonServer processes under some circumstances
The DaemonServer process may fail to start correctly if there are problems reaching one or more File Servers defined in servers.ini. This would cause a number of VM I-Net operations to hang indefinitely, as also lock up attempts to fetch non- cached revisions from the local File Server .
CMS-XML 14.3.3 / Web Client Tools : doing a get item with non-ASCII characters in the path fails => RPC execution failed 102
NCL4501194E Error: unable to create directory C:\Temp.D1\??\?.txt ACL4503957E Failed to copy file "C:\Users\ashevchenko\Serena\ Cache \4DC3E2B6C656782B5FC9E8 F 653FBFBF6\5\3\4232757_1" into file "C:\Temp.D1\??\?.txt" from PLCD.
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