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CMS-XML CM: VRS Upgrade of Baseline is Failing
This defect is being raised so the message file fix used to correct this problem can be made part of the standard upgrade.
CMS-XML Dimensions upgrade error: DBA3203071E Failed to fix conflicts: MDHVRS3202207E: This tree version cannot be used because it has not been upgraded
Problem: Error "MDHVRS3202207E: This tree version cannot be used because it has not been upgraded" when re-running VRS upgrade on projects/baselines that previously failed Description: C:\>u141check
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.3.x : running upgradebln141 on AIX server => VRS0500004E File version sequence mismatch between base and updated revision information
After fixing the error of article S141978 then the upgradebln141 of the same baseline fails with this error now : PROD> upgradebln141 "PROD:BL_BDD_INT_VSI16-2.0616_V1" Upgrading baseline "PROD:BL_BDD_INT_VSI16-2.0616_V1"
CMS-XML DimCM: Performance of VRS upgrade of baselines is poor
Fixed in 14.3.3
CMS-XML Dim14: Deliver: When performing a deliver, an error of VRS4402015E Node property not present error may occur
This issue has been fixed in Dimensions CM 14.3.2.
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.3.3 : what about "VRS3202009E A path must be specified" error ?
what is causing this ? how to fix it ?
CMS-XML DimCM: AIX: COR3200964E VRS node lookup by item specification UID failed with unknown exception / NCL4501376E uncaught exception: bad allocation / NCL0004747E Error: Failed to execute RPC 23
This is due to a lack of memory at dmappsrv process level.To fix it, proceed as follow :
CMS-XML CM: VRS error when deleting item
Defect - to be fixed in CM 14.1.1
CMS-XML Dim14: Deliver: VRS3202062E Name store state is inconsistent
To fix the issue, here's what you will need to do: 1. Stop the Dimensions Services or processes. 2. Locate the cache directory and delete it.
CMS-XML DIM CM: VRS Global aggregation failed
You should be able to fix this by running "u141check fix _global" as suggested in the error message. To do this you need to log into the Dimensions CM server as a valid Dimensions CM user and run:
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