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CMS-XML SLM: How to access the Serena License Manager through a firewall / What TCP ports are used by the Serena License Manager?
Communication between Serena License Manager (SLM) clients and the SLM server requires two ports : one port to communicate with the generic FLEXlm server component that is part of SLM ("lmgrd"), and one port to communicate with the SLM-specific vendor daemon ("merant").
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: What ports must I configure for Dimensions 7.0 to work through my firewall?
By default, the client will open a port and attempt connection to the server (by default on port 671). The server will reply to the client on the same port from which the client initiated the dialogue. Therefore firewall configuration is much simpler and Dimensions will usually function in an environment using Network Address Translation (NAT).
CMS-XML Beyond firewall does not work for IIS if SSO and port changed
If you configure SBM to use beyond the firewall feature in the configurator then you should be able to access SBM via a published service outside of the domain. If you have SSO turned on and change the IIS port for the external host then this will not work as after the SSO authentication is complete it redirects back to the default IIS port.
CMS-XML Setting the license manager port
We have had repeated calls concerning the addition of firewall ports to the license file. The following should be added to the RM Installation notes - with a reference to the SLM Installation Guide.
CMS-XML Ports listed in Admin Guide are incorrect.
Page 278 in the troubleshooting section states: Why can’t I access areas or servers through a firewall ?
CMS-XML Out of network users communicate with JBOSS on port 443
When a firewall is placed between the SBM server and the SBM user, it is not always possible to open JBOSS ports 8085, 8243 and 8343 to allow communication through the firewall . If the SBM JBOSS server (Application Repository, Orchestration Engine, SSO engine, etc.) is installed on a server without IIS or other web server, JBOSS can be setup to use the well-known ports of 80 and 443.
CMS-XML TCP/IP port list in Troubleshooting appendix of Administrator Guide
The lists of ports provided in the answer to the "Why can’t I access areas or servers through a firewall ?" question is incorrect.
CMS-XML Transfer over a firewall
Open TCP/IP port 30767
CMS-XML ChangeMan ECP, e-mail notification from ChangeMan z/OS and firewalls
The setup for e-mail notification with ChangeMan z/OS includes an admin parm with the IP address and port . This is supposed to be the IP address of the ChangeMan ECP server. If there is a firewall in between the two servers, however, you may need to change the IP address in this field.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL not freeing notification ports.
In certain circumstances, ZMF4ECL is not closing/freeing the notification port used for receiving notifications. This may lead to the port numbers not being reused. This may cause firewall problems for some customers.
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