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PDF Full-Text Indexing for Social Experts in Serena Business Manager
4. After you deploy a process app for which Social Experts is enabled, the "Full-Text Indexing" option should be enabled in the SQL Server database automatically. To verify this, right-click on the database in SQL Server, select Properties, and then select the Files page. “Use full-text indexing” should be selected.
CMS-XML How does ChangeMan determine whether a file is binary or text?
ChangeMan searches through the entire document and looks for a character that reads higher than ASCII 127. If a character is found higher than the 127, the document is considered a binary file. Only one character outside the ASCII 127 limit will make the file binary.
CMS-XML SBM: Limiting the number and type of file attachments - Error "The number of Files has exceeded the maximum number allowed. Maximum: ( 100 ), Total: ( 100 )"
. For example: /whitelist/, jpg, txt , zip, DisallowedFileExtension-% -
CMS-XML IIS w3wp.exe crashes when pasting inline images into rich text editor field with message: Please wait while files are uploading ...
To work around this, the server running IIS can be given full control privileges to the attachments directory so that the User and Password fields are not required for access to the attachments directory. This will prevent running into the bug.
CMS-XML During a VSS conversion, a CR (carriage return) is added to the end of each line in text files
The following will be added to the VSS conversion documentation in the Serena ChangeMan Conversion Guide to be published in the next full release of ChangeMan DS:
CMS-XML KM-Dim9:2314-IOP_MAIL_SUBJECT PM_FULL_NAME_TEXT %s %s is now in your pending list
Event logs (Windows OS only) /var/adm/messages file (Unix Only) Oracle alert log
CMS-XML VM: How to use Message Files in the Version Manager GUI
Specifying the full path and name of the file which contains the text for the change description to be used. Specifying the name of the file only which contains the text for the change description to be used. Using a message file whose name is generated from that of the workfile and the message file suffix.
CMS-XML Check out of large delta archives takes long - Maintain full copy of archive
Force a file archive to be stored as a full copy regardless of text or binary status. This would also increase performance so that ChangeMan does not need to reassemble the file.
CMS-XML How to find an attachment by ID. Troubleshooting errors in the ssf.log file.
Your document contained more than 1000000 characters, and so your requested limit has been reached. To receive the full text of the document, increase your limit. (Text up to the limit is however available).
CMS-XML "ORA-01461 - can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column" Error Message is Logged in the server.log File
The full error message text follows: : ERROR com.serena.commonlogger.service.LoggingService -- Unable to save log.
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