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CMS-XML VM 8.6.1+ VM I-Net Web Client file browse dialog hangs (greyed out) following upgrade from VM 8.6.0 or older
Following an upgrade from VM 8.6.0(1) or older, VM I-Net Web Client users may experience a file browser hang in the Select file , Select folder or files
CMS-XML VM Web Client appears to hang on file operations and the daemonserver.exe stopped running on server.
Diagnostics indicate that the browser has stopped communicating with the server and there is no network traffic.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Linux: When selecting the item tab, or change document tab, Netscape browser hangs with a "Loading" message in the Content Pane.
5)When the script completes, it should give the following message: Copying PVCS Dimensions I-Net client files into /usr/lib/netscape/java Completed. Netscape is now set up to work with Dimensions I-Net
CMS-XML TRK: INET: When clicking on an attached file in Tracker, instead of getting the file, you get a separate explorer window that contains the login screen.
Users might use this setting to increase stability and prevent crashes from taking down all browser windows. Because the authentication information is contained in a memory cookie, and the cookie does not exist outside of a single instance of the browser , the new process doesn't have it, and the result is a failure to authenticate. This is a Microsoft bug that directly effects us.
CMS-XML PVCS Tracker 7.0.15 Service Pack 6 for Win32
Processing to Stop in Notify 3.5 Renaming a Query with the Context Menu 3.6 I-Net Detail Pane and Submit/Update Form now Display Correctly 3.7 Attaching a File Using Drag and Drop 3.8 A Save Button is Added to the I-Net Attached Files Window 3.9 Netscape Browser Display Issues Fixed 3.10 Saving Attached Files with Spaces in Filenames
HTML Merant PVCS Version Manager Release Notes
Browser Freezes When Checking Out Multiple (+300) Files [1022746]
HTML MERANT PVCS Version Manager Readme
12.1.5 Browser Freezes When Checking Out Multiple (+300) Files [1022746]
HTML Serena ChangeMan Version Manager Release Notes
Browser Freezes When You Check Out Multiple (300+) Files [1022746]
CMS-XML VM I-Net: web client shows strange error when logging into a different server from a single browser session
... to a different VM I-Net server after loging ... using the same browser sessions ... perform an Add Files / Checkout / ... ... , users of VM 8.2 ... The web client on your computer is older than the servlet you are trying to access (Servlet #.#.#.#). ... Starting with the VM 8.4.3 patch, Version Manager can identify this particular failure scenario and intruct the user to use a new browser session.
CMS-XML HotFix for SBM 10.1.3 and 10.1.4 to add support for SourceBridge Web Client access from browsers using a Java 6 plug-in (JRE 1.6.0)
VM I-Net users trying to ... via the SourceBridge Web Client from SBM 10 ... ... used by the web browser is older than ... ... of the SourceBridge Web Client that is installed ... ... adds support for web browser using a Java ... ... SBM server, stop the Application Engine ... Preserve the files in this directory by making a backup copy or moving them to another location. ... Run File -> Put Files Into Database ... Login to SBM from a web browser . Make sure the extract files continue to exist in the correct versions by comparing the date-time stamps:
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