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CMS-XML Multi user Field loses default values when set to read only
Multi user Field loses default values when set to read only
CMS-XML Dependent field set to read only does not change when independent changes
This happens when you have cleared the values in both of the 2 fields of the dependency coming in to a transition. If you choose the same value as was populated prior to entering the transition it looks as it the depend and independent relationship values are correct. After hitting the "Ok" button, however, the dependent value remains "none'
CMS-XML Password Reset service request sets Type field value to "Other" in Request Center
To fix this, first make the Type field not read only on the Submit transition of the Password Reset project and then edit the Password Reset service request in Request Center to change the default value of the Type field to "Access". You can then change the Type field back to read only on the Submit transition of the Password Reset project.
CMS-XML Mapped field not getting set
When a field is dependent on another field and either read only or in the Hidden field section on a submit transition used by a post or subtask transition and the field is mapped in the post or subtask transition, the value of the field will not get populated on the submit form based on the value from the original item. It will work if the field is made not read only and visible on the submit form.
CMS-XML JavaScript API cannot set a Disabled field
If you have a field which has been set to be Disabled by JavaScript or is Read-Only by settings in Mashup Composer or Mashup Administrator, the JavaScript method SetFieldValue() will appear to set the field , but, on completion of the transition, the field value change will not be saved to the database As a workaround, use a Mashup Script in a Post Transition context to set the value desired.
CMS-XML JavaScript error for read only and required fields on custom forms
A single selection field that is set to be read only and required and gets set to a default value on a custom form will get a JavaScript error and the transition will not complete. The JavaScript error could be either of these:
CMS-XML Mass-update on dependant field cannot be done if read-only
If you have a readonly field 'X' and a writable field 'Y' which depends of 'X'. The value of 'X' is set by script. 'X' and 'Y' are single relational fields.
CMS-XML How to setup default values for more fields during a submit from Request Center
Request Center allows you to set the default value for the fields called TITLE, ISSUETYPE, and REQUEST_TYPE. (Note: If any of these fields are read-only during the Submit transition, you won't be allowed to set the default value for that field.)
CMS-XML Read-only fields cannot be updated by javascript or form actions
If a field is set to read-only , the users can experience errors or the field may not be updated correctly by javascripts.
CMS-XML Unintended impact on Count Attribute by removing the investment children
Steps to reproduce: 1. Add count attribute (with default value set to 1) to Project as read only attribute . 2. Create a new investment under Active Projects (Ex: ParentOne)
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