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CMS-XML Tracking Report Changes and Deletion- no value for Field Specification if Use Advanced SQL Conditions - @where missing
Edit a report and change the Query type from User Basic Condition to User Advanced SQL Conditions. This was picked up in the Change History of reports but there is no value in the column “New Value” for Field Specification Changed Value. Similarly if you change it back again the prior value does not contain the "Prior Value " clause.
CMS-XML Password Reset service request sets Type field value to "Other" in Request Center
To fix this, first make the Type field not read only on the Submit transition of the Password Reset project and then edit the Password Reset service request in Request Center to change the default value of the Type field to "Access". You can then change the Type field back to read only on the Submit transition of the Password Reset project.
CMS-XML Default value from service request is applied even if field is not displayed when editing service request
The only way to change the default value for the service request in SRC is to go back to the project to make the Type field not read only on the submit transition and then modify the service request to change the default value and then change the field back to read only on the submit transition in the project.
CMS-XML Binary fields using radio button style fail to have their values set/changed by form actions
Restart IIS Log back into SBM and retest the form's behavior. *If it does not work, it may be the result of a browser caching issue that you need to clear/purge.
CMS-XML Avatar icon changing back to default icon in editable (not append only) journal field
Avatar icon changing back to default icon in editable (not append only) journal field
CMS-XML DA: Changing component template value does not change URL
When changing a component that uses template A to use template B the repository URL field is not updated. When selecting the other template in the " edit " form the repository URL field is updated, but after saving it reverts back to the old version, whilst the template itself is changed .
CMS-XML Unable to map single select fields on import with value (none)
When performing a data import, you cannot map a single selection field that contains a (none) value over to the target field. The result is that any items with a (none) value in that field will then be populated with a different value. The workaround is to run a report once the data is imported and do a mass update to change the values back to (none).
CMS-XML Value change appear to not save intermittently
4. Press F5 (This step is key in seeing this problem) 5. Go back to the original form and notice the value of the description field will probably be back to the pre-save value . 6. You may have to do this a couple times, but Press F5 and it should happen.
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009R2: Desktop Client freezes when attribute contains a deleted valid set value
- in the Adminconsole remove the Valid Set entries that were entered in the Attributes when creating the Request - go back to the Request and click on the Attribute associated with col2 of the Valid Set in the Edit Attributes screen. The attribute value should be cleared but instead the CPU usage goes to 100%, Desktop Client hangs and the process has to be terminated via the Task Manager.
CMS-XML Dim10: Block Attribute Values Lost Switching Tabs When Edit Attributes in Web Client
Click back to the Attributes tab and notice that the values entered for the block attribute have disappeared. Note also that values for the other attributes that were edited are still there.
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