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CMS-XML EROActionServices testReleaseDetail service failure
Using ZMF Connector 6.0 web services against an ZMF subsystem, any attempt to run the EROAction testReleaseDetail service fails with the following error: Non nillable element 'jobCard01' is null. A jobcard should not be required for this service.
CMS-XML Promotion failure: 500: problem closing services
An Oracle tablespace that has run out of space will cause a promotion to fail. The Activity log returns the following error after attempting to promote. This error may occur in other circumstances.
CMS-XML CMN10 failures after package installation sites removed with service or ZDD
If a package is created and then subsequently has its installation sites changed using either ZDD or the SITE.PKG.DELETE XML Service , then the CMN10 job that runs after package approval is liable to fail with a RC=12 and the following type of error:
CMS-XML 12.x : got random failure of the deploy service with error mesages : MDHNET4502160E + MDHNET4502161E
user gets random stop of deploysrv deploy service with following error messages :
CMS-XML HPS0100W HPSTRANS * Failure * Dynamic allocation of: SVC99 error x'021C'
APPLY job is receiving the following svc 99 error x'021c' even when using NULL in the SMSMAP command. The error occurs only for data sets having a STORCLAS=SYS1020. SYS1020 is defined on the base system but not on the target system.
CMS-XML PulseUno: Http failure response for http://server:8080/pulse/services/rest/hostedrepos: 500 internal server error.
PulseUno for GIT was installed on Ubuntu 20.10 against PostgreSQL 13. Following the installation a connection was possible, users could be created and a PulseUno "Space" could be created but when an attempt was made to create a new Git repository the following message was generated:
MS-WORD Failure To Process CICS SVC Dumps
Thus, for IPCS to support CICS VERBEXIT commands, the following must be true: PARMLIB member BLSCECT must contain an IMBED statement instruction IPCS to include the CICS PARMLIB member that defines the CICS VERBEXIT load module(s). The member referenced by the IMBED statement in PARMLIB member BLSCECT, and the BLSCECT member itself, must both be available to IPCS.
CMS-XML ZMF Promote Release (promoteRelease) Service Component Overlay Failures
The symptoms of the error may simply be an incorrectly failed promote request accompanied by a corrupt looking CMN3252A message, such as “CMN3252A - ÂŽ Â�Õ. exists in target promotion library, attempt to overlay.”. However, in the customer’s environment this message never gets back to the calling client as they receive the following data translation error processing the response: “org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Invalid byte 2 of 2-byte UTF-8 sequence.”.
CMS-XML EROAction testReleaseAreaDetail service failure
EROAction testReleaseAreaDetail service failure
CMS-XML RC and message, for XML service should indicate failure when user is in Admin.
RC and message, for XML service should indicate failure when user is in Admin.
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