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CMS-XML Dim cm 14.4 : installing 14.4 with Postgres 10 on Centos, getting message "Dimensions CM requires support for Large Objects (lo), please contact your database administrator to have this extension installed."
Enabling support of Large Object is a requirement to use Postgres database on unix, see below page of the Unix installation guide stating this. On RedHat box, to get it enabled, do the following : a_ open a new terminal session windows
CMS-XML CMNEX036 has not been converted to support hfs components
A customer is attempting to extend their use of CMNEX036 (ISPF-only exit to select alternative component editor) to fulfil requirements in relation to their hfs/uss/zfs environment. However, it is clear that CMNEX036 has never been converted to support these type of components. For example, the following fields remain unchanged for many versions (i.e. since long before these component types were supported) and the supplied data is truncated when editing them:
CMS-XML Dim12: Extended CRB checks
Please note this functionality is neither documented nor officially supported . For more information contact:
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Extended troubleshooting for Eclipse and WSAD 2.x and 3.x frameworks?
Extended troubleshooting for Eclipse/WSAD 2.x and 3.x frameworks. Use the resolution when the output window does not give a significant error message and more debugging is required. This resolution requires that you provide the requested data to your support engineer for additional troubleshooting.
CMS-XML VS RIDE Integration does not support SQL Server Integration project files (dtproj)
This issue has been solved in VM 8.5.2. In addition to extending the list of supported project file extensions , adding ".dtproj ", ".rptproj
CMS-XML STR610: Working with extended VSAM data sets
First, it will allow VSAM data sets to be larger that 4 gigabytes in size. Second, it supports data striping so that VSAM access will be substantially faster with the newest generation of DASD devices. Third, it allows for data compression in certain instances.
CMS-XML Leveraging PCLI to extend the use of Version Manager
is a replacement for GetRev4Label.pcli , accepting the same arguments as its predecessor but also supporting promotion groups. The file Old PCLI Scripts from September 24
CMS-XML When will Mariner & Mariner Legacy products be supported for SQL Server 2005
Based on the above you are probably asking how much longer SQL 2000 will be supported. When third party products are utilized with our applications we currently follow their “lifecycle” support plan. Microsoft intends to support SQL Server 2000 until April 2008, with the extended support offered until April 2013.
MS-POWERPOINT Leveraging PCLI to extend the use of Version Manager
PCLI caches a wide variety of data while it is running. PCLI supports the VLOGIN and LDAP login sources. Cons:
CMS-XML Dim 10: ORA-01652: Unable to extend temp segment in tablespace PCMS_DATA
If there is insufficient space on disk to grow the data file then you will need to either contact your Oracle DBA or Serena Support as there may be other options depending on which table is causing the problem.
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