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CMS-XML Web services authentification user should be available for Notification Server
The web services authentication user setting is on the Mail Client tab under Mail Services in the Configurator. This option also applies to scripts and web services being run by notifications so the setting should be available under the Notification Server tab as well.
CMS-XML / SSO => PRG7700105E Error: Error authenticating user "dmsys" ... No licenses are available / SSO => PRG7700105E Error: Error authenticating user "dmsys" ... No licenses are available
CMS-XML When multiple LDAP servers are configured, SBM always tries to authenticate with the first LDAP server first even if the first LDAP server is not available.
When multiple LDAP servers are configured, any authentication attempt (web interface, TSAPI, etc.) always try to authenticate by using primary LDAP server (listed first in the LDAP server list). When the primary LDAP server fails, still all authentication attempts will go to the failed primary LDAP server and then will try to next LDAP server which increases time for authentication.
CMS-XML SRA: Server no longer connects to the agents since mutual authentication has been enabled.
"2013-08-08 15:03:33,251 - Could not accept connection : No available certificate or key corresponds to the SSL cipher suites which are enabled."
CMS-XML SRC Mobile - Unable to login to server with SAML2 auth - authentication failed or Failed to Log in
The issue was fixed in latest SRC Mobile versions (iOS app v 5.2.21, Android app v which are already available in App Store and Google Play. Follow next instruction to login to RIO in iOS app
CMS-XML DimCM: DMCLI: DMCLI -cert authentication delay
This issue is caused by insufficient entropy on Linux agent. Entropy is used to seed/initialize some security related contexts that require randomization. For further details on entropy please take a look at available To resolve this issue please add "DM_SSL_PRNG_BYTES 4" in dm.cfg on the remote node, then restart Dimensions there.
CMS-XML External virtual directory responding 404 Not Found - problems with external authentication
You can avoid this by setting up a Reverse Proxy, if possible. If not, then until the fix becomes available , you may need to setup another Application Engine server using the desired authentication setup (non-AD usually).
CMS-XML DimCM: "PAM Authentication failed for user " error when configuring deployment area on Linux node
pool_RPCSrv: entering Pam Authentication service="dimensions_cm" Available Using PAM Authentication for dmsys
CMS-XML Composer gets HTTP request was forbidden with client authentication error
The issue is that the Composer attempts to make a call to the /mashupmgr/ uri before getting a token. When it calls the /mashupmgr/ uri, it gets prompted for client certificate, but fails to present the client certificate that it has available .
MS-WORD Understanding anonymous authentication and the IUSR account
By default, the IUSR_computername account is included in the Windows user group Guests when IIS is installed on the server. This group has security restrictions, imposed by NTFS permissions, that designate the level of access and the type of content available to public internet users. Changes can be made to the account used for Anonymous authentication in the Internet Service Manager at the Web server level or for individual virtual directories and files.
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