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CMS-XML Configuration report has incorrect Load Level and caching level information for notification server
SBM 10.1.2
CMS-XML Work Center gives error "Unable to load initial data", Repository gives error 500
If you are using Windows Authentication for database access, you will need to configure SBM Tomcat service with the logon account instead of using Local System. Upgrading SBM will re-set the Tomcat service to use Local System by default.
CMS-XML SBM User Workspace doesn't load. Faulting module path: TSUTILITY.dll
Error : System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800700B7): Filename: \\?\C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\ config \applicationHost. config . Line number: 825.
CMS-XML The SLA configuration options are missing or give an error
In the Reports module of SBM , under that Advanced Tasks section, you should see a link called "Access SLA Reports". If this is missing, you do not have an SRC or SSM content license. The license must be installed and IIS must be restarted.
CMS-XML Rich text editor toolbar icons not loading
If after an upgrade, the rich text editor toolbar icons are not loading, it could be due to the template files not having been upgraded successfully. For the rich text editor when adding a note to an item, it is the bootstrap.htm template that may not have been upgraded successfully, but it is recommended that all templates be replaced with a clean batch of template files from the correct version of SBM since it is likely that more than one template file may be the incorrect version.
CMS-XML Impossible to authenticate, sso-gatekeeper gives - Error decoding base64 encoded token
In certain SBM Configurations involving https Load Balancer URLs it can lead to users not being able to log in and receiving "Error decoding base64 encoded token in HTTP header "ALFSSOAuthNToken" errors in the sso-gatekeeper log.
CMS-XML Orchestration Engine Database Upgrade Fails with Timeout Error
This is caused by a defect in SBM with determining if Tomcat has started or not. It only occurs if SBM is configured to use client certificate authentication and you have selected the Client Certificate Authentication is handled by a load balancer
CMS-XML SBM: Going to Work Center login gives 404 (Page can't be found)
Notice the numbers on the end. This tells us that the true error in this example is HTTP Error 404.7, which means: Not Found The request filtering module is configured to deny the file extension.
CMS-XML TRKINET: 64094: Configuration initialization failed: Error running init function load-modules: dlopen of C:/PVCS/Tracker/nt/wtns35.dll failed (Access is denied.)
TRKINET: 64094: Configuration initialization failed: Error running init function load - modules : dlopen of C:/PVCS/Tracker/nt/wtns35.dll failed (Access is denied.)
CMS-XML DIM CM: Desktop client crashes when opening custom request list / Faulting module name: mfc140.dll
Clicking on a custom request list View -> Reports and Lists Will crash the Desktop Client GUI.
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