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CMS-XML VM: Error: "get: Group promotion_group> does not exist in promotion hierarchy" in ANT integration with VM
The PVCS Task allows you to extract workfiles from a VM repository in order to build an application through your ANT's build script. You can perform GET actions by revision, version label or promotion group. However, when trying to get files by promotion groups, you may encounter an error:
CMS-XML RLM 5.1: Creating a new application hangs or user gets error "The current user cannot create applications"
Also, this problem usually happens because the user does not have the correct Release Control permissions to create the application. Verify that roles have been assigned for each user/ group to the correct Release Control projects. For this specific problem, the user will need the RLM Administrator, Product Owner, or Release Manager role in the Application Release project.
CMS-XML Get "An error happened during the import to Application Engine: AEWebservicesFaultFault" in deploy log in Composer or Application Repository.
If GSOAP is using an identity like Network Service, make sure Network Service has full control over that folder. If it's using DefautlAppPool, make sure the IIS_IUSRS group (which DefaultAppPool is a membmer of) is added and has full control over that folder. These two groups should be configured for full control on this folder if the SBM installation ran as it is suppsoed to.
CMS-XML Wrong application group is loaded after refreshing SWC page
Wrong application group is loaded after refreshing SWC page
CMS-XML The system application group for SSM is incorrectly created and missing information so not display in SWC correctly
If you logon to WorkCenter and look at the two application groups SRC and SSM then you can see that SSM is missing all the "My ..." on the left have side i.e. My Activity, My Calendar, My Dashboard.
CMS-XML Creating a report in Workcenter for Service Requests application group uses wrong Report Item Type
When in Serena Workcenter, creating a report for the Service Requests application group , "Starter Pack Forms - IT" is selected by default for the Report Item Type. This causes a privilege error for users who do not have privileges to "Starter Pack Forms - IT". This only happens in Workcenter and not in the regular user workspace. The regular user workspace defaults to "Service Requests" for the Report Item Type when creating a report.
CMS-XML Application hangs when creating an area on a MPE agent with empty groups
When creating a production area on a MPE agent that has empty groups, the application will hang and the process must be ended. Starting the DS client again will show that the area was created; however, no files within the area will be under source control. This is incorrect production area creation and improper file loading.
CMS-XML SBM: "Apply to Group Members" screen displays the incorrect page size by default
Go to Application Administrator under Groups > Pick the group > Group Preferences > Work Center Toolbar. Pin an application or make some other change, and click Save. After you save, a screen called "Apply to Group Members" will open where you can select members of this group who should not get this change.
CMS-XML Potential S913 abends/ICH408I errors writing to SYSMDUMP when abend occurs in XCH application
CMS-XML Why are there warnings messages on field for the feed when promoting a particular snapshot? WARN -- Import: Invalid Data '28c69f12-9356-4bc9-9b0d-2b525139d467' in node 'FieldID'. Context: Object type 'Feed', name 'APP', UUID '4bf3c6ec-dfb5-4749-a906-23f2
This can occur if an application was removed from an application group and it left a feed referencing it.
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