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CMS-XML Common Field Limitations
Area name enlarged to 50 characters. Area configuration will allow a maximum size of 45 characters - 5 characters are reserved for production sub areas (99998 possible sub areas).
CMS-XML TRK 7.0+: Style Sheet: How to make a field look longer/wider
By default, a string field is displayed about two inches wide. This document has step by step instructions on how to enlarge the display for a field .
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF90831: Dimensions9.1.3 Web Client: Attribute field display width is not as wide as in previous releases. Some attributes can appear greyed out.
This defect has been forwarded to development for correction. In the meantime, the only workaround is to use the Admin Console to enlarge and perhaps double the display width of attributes so that the display is increased showing more characters.
CMS-XML Attribute Dependencies tab: Parent Child values not displayed as default.
2. Parent/Child are not visible. 3. You need to enlarge the Configuration window to display the values. Found in PPM9.3.
CMS-XML SBM: Unable to find values when using relational field's Advanced Search screen
The users may be able to find value using the relation field's search field ( magnifying glass icon), but they cannot find the same value using the advanced search screen.
CMS-XML Relational fields do not refresh after creating new records in the Create/View pop-up window
Short of refreshing the entire form, you may change the style of the relational field in Composer to be searchable. When this change is made, a search field will be shown at the top of the relational field which will include a search button. When this magnifying glass search button is pressed (even with nothing typed into the search field ), it will refresh the relational field list.
CMS-XML Sub-Relational field gives error when no value is selected
When you have a single relational field with many entries, and the user clicks on the magnifying glass, the sub-relational fields give (Error - Reading Relation)
CMS-XML Searching on a relationals field do not return any results if the auxiliary table contains 10,000 records or more
- submit a new item into this project - enter part of a string into the single relational field on the submit form and click the magnifying glass => the result set displays correctly
Back on the Style Sheet window, add the “Display Text” field from the “Available Fields” column and put it directly under the field that needs to be wider by using the “Add” button. (Have the field that is to be enlarged highlighted in the selected items column on the right. Select “display text” from the available fields column on the left and click “add.”)
PDF Serena StarTool FDM 7.3 StarBat Option
Using StarBat, you can copy, update, or print an entire file or specific records within the file that satisfy certain conditions. For example, you can add or enlarge data fields in records, copy selected records or portions of records from one data set type to another, print data in different formats, or reformat date fields for a large number of files at once.
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