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CMS-XML SRA: Server no longer connects to the agents since mutual authentication has been enabled.
Then follow the steps to regenerate the certificates on the server and agent and the problem should then be resovled (see Page 82 onwards of the SRA Guide or the section entitled: Configuring Mutual Authentication Mode for more details)
CMS-XML Problem using mutual authentication : enabling ends with error
Making mutual authentication between relay and server leas to error after enabling "" for the agent relay
CMS-XML How to Kill multiple Database Agents/Process from running
Enable "PingWatchDog" in the rules book in request broker 'oplrqb.ini' vi to oplrqb.ini and under Protocol TCP, enable PingWatchdog = NO to Yes
CMS-XML Add native capability in SBM Configurator to enable HSTS when HTTPS is enabled and HTTP is disabled
It allows web servers to declare that web browsers (or other complying user agents ) should only interact with it using secure HTTPS connection and never via the insecure HTTP protocol.
CMS-XML Enable third party authentication with SSO
The suggested setup is use Serena Single Sign On (SSO) and to protect the Serena Federation Server with your authentication provider. An authenticator agent will need to be installed on the Apache Tomcat server in JBOSS (it is possible to use IIS, but protecting Tomcat directly is optimum). Here is an example authentication senario.
CMS-XML Dim14: Agent Installers for UNIX do not Update the Auto Update Configuration File
By default the Agent installers for UNIX do not update the auto update configuration file dfs/upgrade_config.dat. To enable auto update on an agent node add these lines to the configuration file: mode= agent server=<host>:<port> where: <host> is the hostname of the Dimensions CM server system. <port> is the port number on which the Dimensions CM server is listening (default: 671).
CMS-XML Release agent status connected and agent log shows Java_home is set to an invalid directory
The agent shows connected instead of online in the Serena Release Automation server. In the /serena/core/conf/ agent /, enable the diagnostic with the following values.
CMS-XML MVR 2.2: Increased SFTP support, Dimensions deploy improvements, Password encryption for Deploy Agent, Mozilla timeout fix
If you choose this option, all files from either Version Manager or Dimensions will be deployed to the same level in the same directory. To enable this new feature, edit the Source under Deploy | Setup | Source. On the Deploy Files tab, select the "Flatten tree structure" option.
CMS-XML System user fields (submitter, submitting agent, owner, last modifier, last state changer) shows list of all users despite that some don't have privileges to current project
We have re- enabled code that was shut off a long time ago due to finding out that all the privilege checking necessary to filter out user selections can have a negative impact to system performance. However, we have now made this optional for customers to turn on which is done by manually creating a row directly in the TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS table of the database with TS_NAME="WantPrivilegedListForSystemField", TS_DATATYPE=1, and TS_LONGVALUE=1.
CMS-XML Dim2009R1: Remote Node Login errors when connecting to Dim agent on HPUX
User will need to determine if TCB / C2 security is enabled on the HPUX host. If it is there are two limitations on user passwords:
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