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CMS-XML SBM 10.1.+: Notification emails have http links to items instead of https links
When users get a notification email , they usually contain a link to the item. If this link contains the wrong server name or it using http instead of https, follow this KB document.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF87903: Emails contain http protocol instead of SSL protocol of https
When Dimensions sends out an e-mail notification of CR activity (see attached e-mail for example) it is incorrectly embedding an 'http' protocol link instead of the required 'https' protocol link used by our server. This ' http ' link fails to open in a browser window because our Dimensions web service must be accessed via 'https'.
CMS-XML Social Widget gives "HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found" when click the email icon for the contact
The Social Widget gives "HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found" when click the email icon for the contact. This happens when the contact you click does not have an email address defined. To workaround this problem, make sure all users in the system have an associated email address.
CMS-XML Localisation ignored in Email Approval response
Steps to reproduce: - set up a notification to allow email responses to transition an item (as described here http :// email _responses.html) - subscribe a user to the above notification
CMS-XML Dim: Email notifications are being sent through PCMSMAIL however when a mail notification is run using DMEMAIL emails are not being sent
Using KB article: http :// User was able to verify that emails are being sent correctly using PCMSMAIL.EXE The DM.CFG setting for DM_MAILS was uncommented and the correct mail server specificed
CMS-XML How do you embed an image into html formatted email templates?
Place the image file in your <TeamTrack Instal directory>/bin/images directory In your template, add the following html tag: <img src=" http ://<yourservername>/tmtrack/images/<yourImage.extension>" >
CMS-XML How To: Send email notification with an Event Trigger in Version Manager
Version Manager itself does not contain any email functionality, so any emails that are sent as a result of an Event Trigger would have to be sent through a third party tool. One such tool is blat.exe (for more info on this freeware, see - http :// The below example shows a batch that when launched via an Event Trigger will send email notification.
CMS-XML View item link in a email notification is broken for a hand held device
TeamTrack email notifications contain a view item link like: http ://machine/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?View&I=53&T=1000 On hand held device (HTML2) this link does not display the item.
CMS-XML MCLG: MAC clients get 404 error when using the link from within task notification emails
Macintosh clients require a full domain name as part of the server address. For example, to log into a server called Collage that belongs to the domain, you must enter: http :// .
CMS-XML Prototype Composer 3.3.x: Email text for review contains reference to "Serena Reviewer" software and an out of date URL
Do You Need Serena Reviewer? To view the attached business model and prototype, download and install the free Serena Reviewer software at http :// "
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