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CMS-XML MCLG: Hot fix: Error about popup blocker when editing metadata via CCS editor
When editing the metadata for an asset using the Metadata button inside the CCS editor, the following error occurs:
CMS-XML MCLG: Try to edit an asset in collage and nothing happens or a javascript error pops up Line 1450 java.lang.nullpointer exception
MCLG: Try to edit an asset in collage and nothing happens or a javascript error pops up Line 1450 java.lang.nullpointer exception
CMS-XML How to change what popup navigation links a user sees in the Projects view.
po_ProjList_GetPopupNavigationRecords returns the list of items to display in the popup navigation. Currently, it returns the records from the PO_Navigation table that have ponav_ProjectContext = 1. So, to adjust the list of items, you can either change the bit in PO_Navigation, or change po_ProjList_GetPopupNavigationRecords."
CMS-XML Relational pop-up window shows old information when driving field is changed
If you view a related record via the pop-up window and then change the value on the base form, returning to the view pop-up window will still show the original record. This happens for all relational fields (and contact and company) from 11.4. There is no known workaround - complete the transition (the new value will be stored correctly) and then view the record if desired.
CMS-XML Dim10: Change baseline id from the secondary view pops up the change project id dialog instead of change baseline id
Select a Baseline from the All Baselines View. In the Folders and Items secondary window pane, right click on the top most folder. In the right click context menu, select Change ID.
CMS-XML javascript does not run from popup windows
[Repro Steps - Default Database] 1. In View Designer, edit the Idea, Summary, Overview form. 2. Click the Script button to get to the script.
CMS-XML Agile: UI - Window title bar cannot move; when touched - story popup
In Agile Planner 2.3 - Go to Planner - Edit a backlog and select a story. Popup displays 4-sided arrow when trying to relocate window. Steps to recreate: 1. Select a story from Planning view (see attached) 2. Mouse over top window bar to move popup window 3. 4-sided arrow is presented - unable to move window
CMS-XML External calendar feed doesn`t work after promotion, error on edit
External calendar feed doesn`t work after promotion via mss file. Calendar execution return no data, edit attempt return blank popup with error in browser console.
CMS-XML Group Dropdown Field overlaps popup window
When editing a user in the Web Administrator, the Group dropdown field remains on top when the Edit User popup window is dragged above it.
CMS-XML Agile: The record being edited is not selected by default following changes
There are no rows selected in the grid at the moment. Click on the name of any item to open it's Edit popup dialog. The item you have selected is highlighted in the grid on behind the dialog.
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