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CMS-XML Links in Notification e-mails do not work after upgrade from SBM 11.3 to 11.5 when impersonating users
Links in Notification e-mails do not work after upgrade from SBM 11.3 to 11.5 when impersonating users
CMS-XML DimCM: Email: Email notifications rejected by email server after upgrade to Dimensions 14.x
If the pre-Dimensions CM 14.x dm.cfg was copied, instead of merging, to the new install, it is highly likely that emails sent by the notification process will be rejected by the email server. This is due to a change in the syntax of the call.
CMS-XML After upgrade to SBM 10.1.4 and above all the notes and emails have the html rendered
With 10.1.4, and the introduction of the Rich Text Editor for SBM, upon upgrade all notes will have html rendered. If this is an issue and you need to see the html code in emails or notes in its raw form then you need to switch this off.
CMS-XML Email templates missing after upgrade and notifications are sending out emails as though no template exists - Subject: TeamTrack Notification
On upgrade
CMS-XML After upgrade to SBM 11.6, users randomly get duplicate notification emails
In the ns.log, you can see two threads being created at exactly the same time. Both threads generate an email and send it to the user.
CMS-XML Email submit issues after upgrade from 2008 R2.04 to 2009 R4.03
The mailclient's timeout value when receiving mail (or attachments) from the mail -server was shortened. Currently, there is no workaround, unless it is possible to setup a local server from which there is less delay.
CMS-XML User link in Journal notes is not clickable after upgrade
After upgrading from SBM 2009 Rx, the user link does not open up the contact info and email option in a journal field. The problem only exists on entries that were upgraded and new journal entries will be clickable.
CMS-XML Dim10: Dimensions basedatabase schema is locked out after upgrade
This may happen if the basedatabase password is different from the default and email is enabled.
CMS-XML DM_MAILS is not updated after upgrade
After upgrading form an older Dimensions version to 14.2 the DM_MAILS parameter in the dm.cfg should be updated to the new parameters below. Otherwise no email notifications will be sent.
CMS-XML After upgrading PPM, the integration with SBM no longer works
Under Configuration | Environment Settings | Notification Settings, make sure the queue server, queue name, and email fields are correct. Additional details can be found in the on-line help .
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