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CMS-XML Duplicate dataset entries in LISTF table after line command processing
More: Enter data set name masks (no quotes -- enter HELP for assistance)
CMS-XML How can I ensure people don't submit duplicate auxiliary records to an aux table?
In our example we will be using the Title field as the test for duplicates . So with this example, the Title field will be tested for duplicate values. You could use other fields.
CMS-XML DIM RM: Duplicate user entries in RM Manage
Duplicate entries for some users in RM Manage's user list in Default Access tab is caused by entries in table ADM_PROJECTUSER for the same user and project with different groups and different values [0,1] for the email flag. When the email flag was set to the same value the user did not show up twice in the RM Explorer tool.
CMS-XML 'DUPLICATE TABLE ROW' when defining DB2 Stored Procedure Load LIbraries
defined as 'B & S'. When you try to create two entries for the same 'DB2 Active Library Name' on panel CMNLD2AL, one with 'BIND/SQL' set to 'B' and the other set to 'S' (like the documentation states) you get the message
CMS-XML Composer crash when table contains duplicate field names
If you add a field to a table and give it the same display name as an existing field (DB name will be different), then create a form and add a show/hide a field action to it, an error message will display - An entry with the same key already exists.
CMS-XML The cursor position changes only when the ‘Duplicate Table Row’ is within the panel display and it is not navigating if it is beyond.
If you have a long list while within the CMNLD2AL panel (for example), and you're trying to find the duplicate , it is a bit laborious to do the "PF3-PF8-PF3-PF8-PF3-PF8-etc." routine from the top-of-the-list to the bottom-of-the-list until the cursor is positioned beside the duplicate entry .
CMS-XML Duplicating System Auxiliary tables in Mashup Composer can corrupt the original table
If you duplicate one of the System Auxiliary tables in Mashup Composer, the information you enter for the new table will overwrite the internal information for the original table . This only seems to happen for the System Auxiliary tables (e.g. Companies and Contacts), not for "plain" Auxiliary Tables.
CMS-XML Duplicate records are created when importing from spreadsheet into primary table
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: While updating or installing published views get Error: 'ORA-00957 duplicate column name Column names must be unique within a table, view or cluster'
select product_id, type_name, scope from user_obj_attributes where variable='< enter word reported as duplicated >'; This will tell you what product, the object type and type of class, (I) Item (C) Change doc, that attribute is defined for.
CMS-XML How to avoid submitting duplicate auxiliary items in SBM 11.1+
You may want to avoid users submitting duplicate values into Auxiliary tables which can be a challenge because without a workflow you can't run pre or post transition app scripts like you can on a primary table . The following solution requires that you be running SBM 11.1 at least since it uses a feature called JSON API that was introduced in 11.1.
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