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CMS-XML Problem: Notify is sending duplicate messages and is not sending all of the messages.
Problem: Notify is sending duplicate messages and is not sending all of the messages .
CMS-XML ERO: Missing ERR0100 (duplicate) and ERR0417 (regression) messages in audit
ERO: Missing ERR0100 ( duplicate ) and ERR0417 (regression) messages in audit
CMS-XML MDHFSY4200005W Messages were issued while copying a USS .tmp FILE to A MVS load library
Deploy a load module has failed with error message MDHFSY4200005W.
CMS-XML COPY from pdse to pdse load results in incomplete IGW0151I1/IGW01553I messages in output
FDM is used to COPY a PDSE.LOAD (TYPE=LIBRARY) to a source PDSE LOAD. The target pdse is very large results in the B37; 6035 members. With FDM 7.8.1, the IEBCOPY temporary file that is used to house the IGW01551I and IGW01553I copy messages does not have the list of all members copied because the temporary file gets a B37.
CMS-XML Notification history uses event date instead of message date
Notification history appears to have duplicate recipient entries for repeat or escalated notifications. The notification date and time is shown with a list of recipients that is duplicated.
CMS-XML Duplicate key error when reverting unplanned package on DP site
If you have a dp and p site to install to, after backing out and reverting the p site, the revert at dp gives message : Trace IN U=SERSTAR3,F1=MASTER,F2=WRITE,@TCA=10218000,Len=02019 MARK000000200003E800 VCA=10218000,USER=SERSTAR3, Duplicate Record F1=MASTER,F2=WRITE,KEY=MARK000000200003E800,RC=0008,FDBK=0008
CMS-XML CMN8646A message incorrectly specifies Package Master in the text
If you run the CMPONENT HISTORY CREATE service twice for the same component/type/package, to create a duplicate component history record, the second (and subsequent) execution of the service correctly diagnoses a duplicate record, but the message text is: CMN8646A - Package Master record already exists The text should indicate Component Master.
CMS-XML E-mail Submit: body is duplicated when e-mail contains HTML and plain text
If the TeamTrack Mail Client processes a message containing multi part/alternative content (both HTML and Plain Text), then the body of the e-mail will doubled in the TeamTrack field it is mapped to. We note this in the documentation of the include HTML feature of the Mail Client:
CMS-XML KM-Dim9:12009-ART_DUPLICATE_ARCH_ID Duplicate Archive Identity
Please gather any applicable information from the list below and contact Dimensions Support for help with this error message . What you need to troubleshoot:
CMS-XML Further VSAM duplicate record issues during CMNBATCH SUCCESS steps
Simultaneous execution of build jobs for components in the same package may result in failures during execution of the staging job SUCCESS/CMNBATCH step. Typically the step will fail with a RC=12 and the following type of error message :
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