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CMS-XML Browse/Edit failing due to Component Security Error
Failures were observed viewing components. Component Security error was being encountered. Problem was resolved by making sure user signs on with an upper case userid.
CMS-XML Batch Recompile receiving 'CMN0038I - Change Man is down' due to USER parm on job card.
If you change &ACF2BL3, for example, to 'CHGMAN', re-assemble SERLCSEC and bounce the Change Man STC, then batch recompile will work. Important Note: It may be necessary in your shop to change security to restrict the use of this 'main' id (ex CHGMAN) to Change Man submitted batch jobs.
CMS-XML XML Submit changes in 11.8
Due to security changes in SBM 11.8 to santize HTML in emails, XML Submit emails will fail if the Mail Client server does not have “include HTML formatted email messages” unchecked. For this reason, it suggested to do the following should you be using email submit for other mailboxes.
CMS-XML You are not authorized to view this page - HTTP 401.1 Unauthorized access is denied due to invalid credentials
Solution 1) Create a new NT user account with the appropriate privileges and then use that user in IIS for anonymous access in the IIS > Web Site > Properties> Directory Security >Anonymous Access and Authentication Control > Edit > Anonymous Access Set this user's password to 'Password Never Expires'.
CMS-XML Minimum privileges required for the Oracle user connecting to an SBM schema
If the DBA has changed privileges on the PUBLIC Role due to security lock downs, STIGs, company policy, etc. the following may not provide the required Oracle privileges for SBM to function correctly. SBM expects the Oracle database to be built with the Oracle 11.2 Transaction Processing/General Purpose template. The PUBLIC role as created by this template is expected.
CMS-XML DIM7: Can Dimensions 7.x clients connect to Dimensions 8 ?
Due to the architectural changes in Dimensions 8.0 that enable support for server pooling and 128-bit client-server encryption , the Dimensions 8.0 server can not serve connection requests from Dimensions 7.x clients; nor can a Dimensions 8.0 client successfully connect to a Dimensions 7.x server. However,
CMS-XML 'ES' command not valid in Monitor Limbo
The 'ES' command was removed in Package 35 of 4.1.6 due to security concerns with being able to submit jobs from within Change Man and inherit Change Man's authority. The help panels have been changed to reflect the removal of the 'ES' command and the documentation will be updated in the next release.
CMS-XML How To: VM Security - ACD Creation & Maintenance; Access Lists; Base Privileges
Access Lists - Are lists of authorized User(s) and/or Group(s) which have access to a file or set of files. First, you created (per above) the ACD and defined authorized members. Initially they each have the same level of access for all projects, however at many sites this is often inappropriate. So, the SuperUser can either make project-level ACDs (mentioned in the summary as an option, but may not be an optimal solution), or use: Access Lists. ... User, but changing this later can ... ... be assigned or modified at the: ... ... To add or change the Access List ... ... file & network security as well? ... ... one Group, due to the security restrictions discussed above ... ... , correct or change the Access List ... ... since the above change only prepares for ... : Actions / Change Attributes. In this case we want to change ?New
CMS-XML How to allow the PCLI client to use the encrypted password in __EventPassword__
vm\common\pvcsprop\pvcs\vm\ security .properties ... eeds to be modified on the system(s) that needs to use EVENTPASSWORD with PCLI, such that it contains: ... (The feature is turned off by default due to security concerns)
CMS-XML POA -Default security settings when changed do not get inherited by individual application or package
POA -Default security settings when changed do not get inherited by individual application or package
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