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CMS-XML Drill-down into totals shows incorrect results when Column = Project in distribution report and search filter contain project different from Report Project
3. Select some "child" project as Report Project (for example "SBM 2009 R2" almmashups DB) 4. Select some value for Row field (for example "State") and "Project" for Column field 5. Expand Search Filter and add new search filter for Project field that contain selected Report Project and some other projects (for example "Project in SBM 2009 R2, SBM 2010 R1")
CMS-XML Using an "OR" condition between pre-defined filters in a report does not work on drill-down
If you create two (or more) pre-defined report filters and then use them both in a report separated by an "OR" condition, it will preview fine and the drill down will work as expected. However, when you save the report and run it normally, the drill down results will only show you items that satisfy all of those filters as if they were joined by an "AND" condition and not an "OR" condition.
CMS-XML Preview of Advanced Distribution Report drilldown shows incorrect results when using a search filter
If you create an advanced distribution report and have a search filter then you get different results when you drill-down in the preview report versus the actual saved report - the search filter is ignored on drill down . To reproduce: (1) Create an advanced distribution report e.g group rows = owner, group columns = state
CMS-XML Fixed in TeamTrack 661
76. Drill-down results for Summary reports now contain correct information when the report search filter includes a Multi-Relational field.
HTML Serena Business Mashups 2009 R1 Release Notes
Web interface Issues Drill-down links may not appear in Distribution report results if the report specifications contain a high number of values in the search filter . If links are not available on the drill-down report, simplify the report specifications on your originating report.
PDF Untitled
... 178 icon 270 results 179 Details reports 179 ... options 155 Advanced 150 custom results 155 drill-down display options 152 drill-down links 155, 156 filtering selections 152 graphical icon 270 results 156 tabular icon 270 thresholds 154 does not contain all operator 212 does not contain any operator 212 double-frame view 58 drill-down links in Custom Distribution reports 155 in Distribution reports 156 in Summary reports 198 Duration reports 167, 168, 169, 170, 171 additional options 167 Average Time to State 171 results 168 Time in State 170
PDF Untitled
... 182 icon 274 results 183 Details reports 183 ... options 159 Advanced 154 custom results 159 drill-down display options 156 drill-down links 159, 160 filtering selections 156 graphical icon 274 results 160 tabular icon 274 thresholds 158 does not contain all operator 216 does not contain any operator 216 double-frame view 58 drill-down links in Custom Distribution reports 159 in Distribution reports 160 in Summary reports 202 Duration reports 171, 172, 173, 174, 175 additional options 171 Average Time to State 175 results 172 Time in State 174
PDF Serena TeamTrack User’s Guide
... 157 on forms 235 report calculations 108, 132 stopwatch 224 using keywords 232 deleted field selections 224 Deleted Items reports 123 field sorting 124 icon 219 results 125 Details reports 126 display 128 icon 219 dictionaries Spell Check 200, 201 disabled field selections 224 Distribution reports 110 drill-down links 113 filtering selections 111 graphical icon 219 tabular icon 219 thresholds 112 does not contain all operator 155 does not contain any operator 155 drill-down links in Distribution reports 113 in Summary reports 141 dynamic column sorting 109
CMS-XML Drill-down from preview ignores Display Options if (Query At Runtime) used
3. Select Distribution | Custom from Type drop- down and click Next button ... 5. Expand Search Filter section and add new search filter with (Query At Runtime) (for example "Submitter in (Query At Runtime)") 6. Expand Drill-Down Display Options section and add some Columns to Display (for example State and Severity) ... 8. Click some report sell to drill-down to listing report Actual Result : Display options selected in step 6 are ignored Expected Result : All display options should be kept in preview mode
CMS-XML Drill-Down on report graph returns an error when logged in as non-English Locale user and using a certain condition
On-Demand users are experiencing problems when performing a drill-down on a Bar Char style Distribution report ... 6. Add the below condition to the Search Filter ... 7. Click Preview and drill-down on the bars > the list of items is correctly displayed ... 10. Drill-down on the bars Expected Result ... Actual Result
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