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CMS-XML Drill-down into totals shows incorrect results when Column = Project in distribution report and search filter contain project different from Report Project
7. Drill-down into "Totals by Project" Actual result: Drill-down into "Totals by Project" show items from all projects selected in search filter
CMS-XML An error occurred while processing the last reques - .on drill-down in some trend and duration reports when using Query at Runtime for Start and End dates
3) Drill-down to some value: Actual result : An error occurred while processing the last request.
CMS-XML Drill-Down on report graph returns an error when logged in as non-English Locale user and using a certain condition
10. Drill-down on the bars Expected Result A list of items is should be displayed
CMS-XML Error message appears on drill-down from custom trend report with Historical Value Counts on Oracle.
5) Drill down to some cell with values. Expected result : Drill down listing appears.
CMS-XML Preview of Advanced Distribution Report drilldown shows incorrect results when using a search filter
If you create an advanced distribution report and have a search filter then you get different results when you drill-down in the preview report versus the actual saved report - the search filter is ignored on drill down . To reproduce: (1) Create an advanced distribution report e.g group rows = owner, group columns = state
CMS-XML Trend report may not work after upgrade to 11.0+ - error begins with - Database exception in CReportExecTrend::ExecuteDataCollection() using SQL:
SBM system introduced changes within Trend reports that uses an alias instead of table names and parts for generating drill-down SQL that was not modified (which still uses table name instead of the alias). This affects pass-thru SQL functionality which references to the main table as a result , these Trend reports no longer work after the upgrade. This error message below is an example of this issue.
CMS-XML Summary report on (Time Capture User) has incorrect drill down results - all results are always shown
All items are shown whatever you select. This is incorrect . It should only select items for the particular user if you drill down on those.
CMS-XML "Back to Results" link does not work when drilled down on embedded graphical report
When you are drilled-down into an embedded graphical report , the "Back to results " link will not take you back to your graphical report unless you have HTML 5 enabled. Browser type does not seem to matter.
CMS-XML Error on drill-down in distribution report with join if multi-user field from joined table is used.
Error on drill-down in distribution report with join if multi-user field from joined table is used. Error occurred in file: 'HtmlPageReport.cpp', line 7529.
CMS-XML “Show only Row Values” option for Tabular Distribution Reports is not respected when drilling down on "Totals by Count"
When creating a tabular distribution report and you have a relational field selected for the row and then proceed to apply a sorting rule to show only particular row field values, the resulting report will display correctly, but the drill-down for the "Totals by count" at the bottom of that report will lead you to another report that displays all items and not respect the Row Field Values filter you placed on it.
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