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CMS-XML Default Logout Page and SSO Double Logon with SBM
When the gatekeeper redirects the user, a timer is started on the SSO process of getting validated. If this timer expires, the login will not complete, and the gatekeeper will initiate a new logon session. The process of initiating the new logon session, however, does not get activated until the user attempts to enter their credentials.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: How to disable the automatic login feature for Desktop client and dmcli
There are several options available as follows: 1. Using the CTRL, ALT and SHIFT key just after(not before) double clicking on the PC Client shortcut which will bring you directly to the login screen. 2. To disable completely for Desktop Client:
CMS-XML After login user gets javascript error and blank screen "Could not load class ‘serena.product.mariner.module.ModuleWithTree’"
This error is caused by the First Name, Last Name or Login name having a special character in it like a double quote. To avoid this error login as an admin and remove any special characters such as double quotes from the users name in the Manage Users area.
CMS-XML TeamTrack Sample login gives 404 error
This can happen if you have both IIS using port 80 and Team Track internal web server also using port 80. If you go to TT Admin, Options, Manage Services, double click the web server:
CMS-XML Prompted to login twice when sso token expires.
I used the following steps to reproduce this problem but there may be other instances where this double login happens. 1. It's easiest if you go into Configurator and in the security section set your SSO token to expire after 1 minute. 2. Login
CMS-XML Dim12: Web Client: While being logged into the Web Client and having the SSO Token expire after 8 hours, if you then select the Deployment tab within the Web Client, the login page displays two login text fields
It should be noted that if you click on the other tabs they don't always have this problem. The expected result is for the login page to display properly. The actual result is a login page with double entries for logging in .
CMS-XML Dim10: How To: After upgrade CM Web Client Login button has no effect
If the problem is still apparent from a browser, go into the control panel on the machine the browser is on, double -click on Java and the General tab click the 'Delete Files' button. Make sure all boxes are ticked and click 'Ok'. Restart the browser and try again.
CMS-XML Version Manager desktop client has grayed out Smart Card Login button on the SSO Login dialog (CAC login)
library = C:/WINDOWS/system32/acpkcs211.dll When using VM releases prior to 8.6, make sure the path is not enclosed in double quotes, even when the path contains spaces. Wrong:
CMS-XML Some users get "Bad Request" error when attempting to login when they get redirected to the IDP login url.
Click to override the maxHttpHeaderSize of "8192" Try doubling the value to 16384 Apply your changes
CMS-XML MCLG: Hot fix: Extra javascript events added on save, stylesheet links being added above DTD, forced to login again when js paths are outside scope of project.
Download the attached file to a Windows machine. Double click the file. After reading the welcome message, click Continue.
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