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CMS-XML DimCM14.4: Error when adding or modifying an item library
When attempting to add a new Item Library through AdminConsole, an error of: User authentication failed DMN4510048E Error: User authentication failed ACL0004529E Error: dmsys denied access to host DIMSERVER Error: Dimension Product library for product CM_TYPICAL, object type *, creation failed Within the dmpool log, the following error is shown: NSV0004757E Invalid user name or password
CMS-XML Only DMSYS can replicate if DM_PRODUCT_USER is enabled
i) Add the line DM_PRODUCT_USER=Y in the server dm.cfg ii) Restart the listener iii) Create the user vriesmanc on the OS and ensure they have the relevant admin privileges including group admin membership, product manager, Manage Replication Configurations privilege
CMS-XML km-dim10 : dmpasswd -add => NSV0004768E Cannot open registry file
You should do a chown dmsys :dmtool registry.dat and run it as dmsys.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF111564: Browse template showing child change docs adding extra information
displays as: PAYROLL_CR_10 Xmas bonus not paid dmsys ANALYSED 1 PAYROLL_CR_3 Not Year 2000 compliant!!! dmsys APPROVED 1
CMS-XML Adding a project/stream to a Release Package does not give error, but project is not attached to the Release Package
In the alm.log, the following error is given: 04-19@17:36:03 [http-8081-1] DEBUG [] [ dmsys ] : ======== VaultService:getVaultBaselineProjects() - end ==========
CMS-XML Adding a dev change request project to a Release Package does not give error, but project is not attached to the Release Package
In the alm.log, the following error is given: 04-19@18:17:09 [http-8081-1] DEBUG [] [ dmsys ] : ======== ReleaseRequestServiceSkeleton:relateRequestProjects() - start ========== 04-19@18:17:09 [http-8081-1] DEBUG [] [dmsys] : SSO token not found!
CMS-XML Dim 12: [Eclipse plug-in] Add to Workspace operation is slower than before.
2. What are the steps to reproduce the problem? Installed and the Eclipse Patch Connected to dmsys / dmsys stl-sup-sun2 cm_typical@dim1222 Project used: QLARIUS:JM_5430493 Can reproduce here: There should be a project that has lots of items. (Over 62,000) Install Eclipse plugin Launch Eclipse.
CMS-XML Dim14: Pulse adding a user as a reviewer does not add the user to the list of review candidates or as lead reviwer
4. Make some changes and deliver them to the stream 5. Login as dmsys into pulse and Select Repositories | Changeset Graph, click on the newly created changeset 6. Click on the Q button to open the review
CMS-XML Dim10: Problem when creating basedb using CRDB with toolman other than dmsys
The workaround is to use /toolman=dmsys: CRDB <new basedb> /toolman=<user other than dmsys> /basedon=intermediate /product=payroll Another workaround for this if you are using /basedon parm for crdb is to add the non- dmsys user to the admin group in the 'basedon' db before using crdb to create the new basedb.
CMS-XML DimCM: How to change the dmsys user to another user id
5. Go to the Command Prompt on the server and run the following commands: dmpasswd <NewUserId> - add -pwd <password> replacing <NewUserId> with the new user id and the <password> with the valid password for this user.
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