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CMS-XML Dim10.1.1.1: Upload a modified file which not the latest revision in the Eclipse
At the moment it is not possible to set /FORCE_TIP nor /BRANCH when using the Eclipse IDE integration. The same warning message is displayed in the dmcli command if the above parameter are not specified in the upload command for an for item which is not the latest revision .
CMS-XML Dim12: DMCLI: When invoking the LAST command, an error of "COR1615012E Area scanning structures cannot be initialised: MDHVDA3201019E - Invalid area UID" can occur
There is a new command which allows you to list all items and directories in an area at a specific revision . The syntax is:
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2 Tier 2: DMCLI core dump if command line parameters are not specified correctly
Below are the steps to reproduce this problem: - 1) Install the latest version of agent installer for HP Itanium; 2) Connect to Dimensions CM 2009 R2 Solaris Server using DMCLI;
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defects DEF102816: Fixed in Dimensions 10.1.1: DMCLI Version Number reporting
Platform : Windows 2003 / Linux DMCLI on Windows and Linux echoes Dimensions 10.1.0 Build 406 on starting the DMCLI shell but " dmcli - version " reports Serena Dimensions VM CLI Client 9.0 Build 406
CMS-XML Dim: Dmcli SI command returns error when command was successful
When running the dmcli SI command against an item with multiple revisions it is possible to use * to indicate all revisions. Did a test againt two revisions. Both were suspended successfully, although Dimensions attempted to suspend the last revision a second time, thus returning an error message.
CMS-XML DM2009 R2 - Usage error on AC command when entered via -cmd option of dmcli
Usage: dmcli [[[-user <id> -pass <password>] | -card] -host <server> ... [-help] [-printenv] [- version ] ... dmcli -param c:\param.txt ... C:\> dmcli -param c:\param.txt ... Warning: Request QLARIUS_CR_3 has reached the final status ... dmcli -param c:\param.txt
CMS-XML Dim9: DMCLI command returns GMT Timestamp from AIX server
When running a dmcli command, Dimensions 9.1.3 returns a GMT timestamp on the version line.
CMS-XML Dim: How to determine the version of the server and client - a universal method
One method to do this from the commandline is to use the dmcli tool, which means this method is available to all platforms and all client installations.
CMS-XML 10.x / 2009Rx / 12.x : how to verify the version of an installed agent ?
The agent installation also installs a dmcli client. Then, from the OS prompt, issue the command : dmcli -version and it will return the installed version
CMS-XML 10.1.3 / dmcli : $UPDATE_DATE value altered after exporting/importing a request
There was the defect "DEF55736: PDIFF upload does not include the right Change Document update time" fixed in 8.0.5 for a similar issue. After checking, end-user discovers that the request upload was done with a Dimensions 6 version of dmcli and not 10.1.3 in his case.
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