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CMS-XML DIM 14 dm delete cmd not working as expected
DIM 14 dm delete cmd not working as expected
CMS-XML Dim CM 14.x: The Help text for "dm delete" contains text for adding files
Dim CM 14.x: The Help text for " dm delete " contains text for adding files
CMS-XML DM2009R2: After deleting/removing an item revision from a project, all other revisions of that item disappear from project
After deleting or removing an item revision from a project or stream, no revisions of that item are visible unless the user chooses to view all revisions of all items
CMS-XML DM 12.1 : DEF206598 - Baseline from deleted stream gets java null exception trying to relate
In the web client, user created a tip baseline for a stream and then deleted the stream. Later attempt to relate the baseline to a different stream resulted in java null exception in the web client. Steps to reproduce (also reproduced in
CMS-XML DM12.1 - Windows Synchronise->Supported Conflicts - Local deleted and moved in repository
src are delivered) 1)In WorkArea2 move inc\foo.c to src\foo.c 2)Deliver changes to STREAM2 3)In WorkArea1 delete file inc\foo.c 4)Deliver changes to STREAM1 5)Update from STREAM2 to WorkArea1 Actual Result: addition accepted Expected Result: conflict
CMS-XML Dim: How to configure Dimensions Build to save temp files rather than to delete them
To cause Dimensions CM Build to preserve the temporary files, add the following line to the dm.cfg file DM _BUILD_CLEAN_TEMP_FILES false Be certain to remove or comment out the line when no longer needed or the temp files will eventually fill a disk drive.
CMS-XML Dim: ZOS Build: Automatically delete the temporary files created on USS partition ?
1. Add the following symbol: DM _MVS_REXEC_ DELETE _JCL Y In PARM(MDHTDCFG) on the z/os agent.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to delete a Base DataBase from the command line
KM- Dim 7: How to delete a Base DataBase from the command line
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Cannot delete baseline
Cannot delete baseline from database.
CMS-XML Dim: Build: How to delete build logs?
When deleting build logs from Admin Console, the operation can take a long time to complete. Is there a way to speed up this process?
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