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CMS-XML How to fix the Add Workfiles errors 'The path "ArchivePath" is not mapped by any available known server' and 'Unable to access. The filename may be illegal, ...'
utility (on the File Server, go to http://localhost:8080/serenafs/Admin), select the Path Map view , locate the Path Map whose Client Name matches the ArchivePath
HTML Merant® Dimensions™ Service Pack Release Notes, Edition 1.0
#1045128 - "Error: Illegal XML character value x16" when adding a role to a lifecycle transition with states that contain non-English characters After creating a transition between states where the state names contained umlauts, attempting to add another role to the transition displayed the error, "Error: Illegal XML character value x16". This has now been fixed.
PDF Merant Tracker Administrator’s Guide
Tracker field names that contain illegal characters such as ’#’ or ’-’ need to be modified before they can be used as table or view column headers. As part of its process, the Report Assistant will automatically replace them with ’_’ in the table or view column headers. If a field name is also a database keyword, “_col” will be appended to it to distinguish it from the keyword.
CMS-XML VM6.5 Error: "String index out of range: -16" when using DBCS directories
However, there are some DBCS archive directories that you are not able to successfully add workfiles to. VM creates the archive, but will not check in the initial revision and returns the error, "Unable to access. Either the file name is illegal or the directory...." This is the default VM error that is displayed when you cannot access the directories or the file.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... PREVIEW"> Preview ... >Search feed name ... >Search Calendar name ... ">Calendar name is required. ... ... the content being viewed may have \ ... ... the content being viewed may have \ ... ... _ERR_ ILLEGAL _CHAR" ... n(contains illegal '?' ... _ERR_ ILLEGAL _VALUE_ ... ... _REPORT_ NAME _DUPLICATE" ... more reports with name {0} ... ... solution ID or name .\n ... ... _REPORT_ NAME _NOT_ ... >Invalid report name {0} ...
CMS-XML Known issues with split archives where the path and filename exceed 255 characters
One of the following errors may be displayed : ... <ArchivePath> <ArchivePath>\delta-todo.d (The filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect) ... The filename may be illegal , the filename may already exist as a directory, part of the directory path may already exist as a file, the TEMP directory may not exist, or there may be insufficient privileges.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: PVCS Dimensions 7.0 SP2 for Win32
... Attribute History not displayed correctly The username ... ... document cannot be viewed . ... if the user name did not exist ... ... are no longer displayed in Service Pack ... ... input dialog accepts illegal characters for the ... ... 1157382 - Problems displaying the change document ... ... in item history view After updating the ... It displays the user name for the previous ... ... this is not displayed when you return ... ... as the directory name . ... is completed the display is not refreshed to display the latest version ... ... - Unable to display EURO character in ... filenames and directory names , or within ... BUT the target display does not show ...
CMS-XML Error: Cannot open file. Either you do not have network privileges or the pathname to the file does not exist.... Common causes of common errors.
and displayed in the Folder twice. ... attributes - view at the bottom), compression "on" can cause this error. ... 252 characters from the path separators, file name , file extension, directory name , ":", and ". " characters. ... the file or the path name to the file does not exist.) ... file name ) over 197 characters. ... shutting down due to The program has performed an illegal operation...)
HTML Template Content Differences
view )", name )", Name )", illegal view display view name )", displaying display .)" ... Name )", Name )" view Name )", Display )", view name Name :)" ... Name :)" ... Name )", Name )", Name :)" ... Name :)" ... view Name )", Name :)" ... Name )", Name )", Name )", Name )", Name )", Name )",
... through to your display in a pop ... ... to continue with VIEW Audit option = ... ,PART_ NAME ,SUPPLIER_ ... FROM USER120.PARTS Limit ===> 10000 (max rows to retrieve) WHERE PART_ NAME LIKT 'M%' ... DSNT408I SQLCODE = -104, ERROR: ILLEGAL SYMBOL LIKT VALID SYMBOLS ARE YEARS, DAYS, MINUTES, SECONDS, ETC. ... Create View Create a new view over a table.
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