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CMS-XML Field disabled on form gets data wiped out on submit
When using javascript to disable a field, the disabled field on the form does not pass data back to server and causes data to be lost. For example, if I disable a user field that has a selected value of "Joe Manager" then when I submit the form the value of the user field will be blank.
CMS-XML Error thrown when my projects includes project with disabled submit
Error thrown when my projects includes project with disabled submit
CMS-XML If you enable then disable anonymous submit, you will always get a license error in system admin if you have no external user licenses
When anonymous submit is enabled an external user license is required. However is you then disable anonymous submit you continue to get a license error for external user when you logon to system administrator.
CMS-XML JavaScript API cannot set a Disabled field
CMS-XML Dim10: Mail delivery cannot be disabled on Solaris
CMS-XML 12.7.1 : “Disable Automatic Opening” setting has no effect
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Dimensions Build uses CM Rules when disabled in the Stream flags
CMS-XML 14.3.3 / eclipse : disabled baseline type is displayed when creating a new baseline
CMS-XML Dim CM 10.1.0: dmemail log file is created even though logging is disabled
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2.2: Project Merge Tool - move detection disabled for file based targets
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