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CMS-XML When timesheets are disabled, financials not calculated correctly for work items
[Pre-conditions] Setup an investment type which has timesheets disabled . [Repro Steps]
CMS-XML Dim10: 2221- Error: You must not specify Item Id when creating Items of type PROJECT as this will be generated automatically
See if the option for generating item ids automatically is disabled. If it is not then disable it.
CMS-XML Dim CM: A new revision is created when Item Type option 8 is enabled but where no metadata exists
- Make sure option 8 is enabled for an item type and that the option to write metadata in the Desktop Client is disabled . - Create an item from a file in a previously uncontrolled directory i.e. not previously used as a workarea and keep a copy of the file in the directory - Immediately after the creation of the item perform a revised item operation using the same file.
CMS-XML Error when specifying an Item Id for an item type that has auto-generate IDs
The server should do as the documentation states and ignore the item IDs when specified and automatic generation is enabled rather than return an error. Need to update the IDE documentation. It needs to be disabled for item type PROJECT.
CMS-XML VM: Why is my 'Switch User' menu item disabled?
VM: Why is my 'Switch User' menu item disabled ?
CMS-XML Dim10 - Viewing privilege tab on an item disables other users from actioning or delegating item
Dim10 - Viewing privilege tab on an item disables other users from actioning or delegating item
CMS-XML Attribute rules and dmcli behaviour after “Writable at the from State” is disabled
After disabling the attribute rule “Writable at the from State” in a lifecycle for an item type . A user is able to edit the attribute rule via dmcli (UIA) command if he has the "User is the originator of the object" privilege enabled in Item Update
CMS-XML How-To disable a single select or relational field value while not affecting older item records
The field contains certain values. How do we remove a value from being used for new items without removing it from existing items . This does require some thought.
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Dimensions Build uses CM Rules when disabled in the Stream flags
Below are the steps to reproduce this problem: - 1) Set up Item Types being preserved by the build to have CM Rules enabled;
CMS-XML DIM10: Inheritance of item-to-item relationships not working correctly in Dimensions 10
Set up an item to item relationship between Type A and B where the Inherit Parent option is enabled and the Inherit Child option is disabled . Create an item of each type and relate the item of Type A to B so that A is the parent of the relationship.
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