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CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Unable to run or locate the svrmngr program
On the later versions of PVCS Dimensions the equivelent program to storage manager is svrmngr which will allow you to access the tables for increasing the storage clauses. On earlier version this was not available - the svrmngr program has replaced the sqldba application - if the svrmngr application cannot be found or is not available try the following command >sqldba lmode=y
CMS-XML Abends and SQL errors running area retrieve commands using XML Services
Over the last few days they have seen a growing number of occurrences of the following type of -180 SQL errors and abends appearing in their ZMF Server started task output:
CMS-XML IOO311: found VSAM job where I/O has increased from 200,000 to 3,000,000
Installed IOO V311 product into production, and had previously been running Ultimizer release 2.0.0 Have a VSAM file job where the I/O went from 200,000 to 3,000,000. Used to be doing NSR buffering, and now doing LSR buffering which may be influencing the amount of I/O required.
CMS-XML IOO311: Implemented StarTool IOO 3.1 in production, found job running longer now
StarTool IOO V3.1.1 was implemented into a production environment. One job was found in which the run time has increased significantly.
CMS-XML Find does not function properly on Single relational field when dependent
Disabling the dependency rectifies the issue regarding find functionality, but loses the dependency.
CMS-XML How to disable the auto-complete function in the TT login page ?
2- Find the line: <form name="LoginForm" method=post action="tmtrack.dll?LoginPage" onsubmit="return doSubmit()"> 2- Replace by <form name="LoginForm" method=post action="tmtrack.dll?LoginPage" onsubmit="return doSubmit()" autocomplete="off"> 3- Save it.
CMS-XML Running a "Requery" after a search on active items returns both active and inactive items
This can happen when the "Auto-Requery" display preference is enabled. A workaround is to disable the "Auto-Requery" display preference under the "Display" tab in the user profile.
CMS-XML How do you find all reports that have been scheduled by a certain user? How do you disable scheduled reports for a specific user?
Sometime Mariner users become inactive and no longer use the system but the scheduled reports they had created remain running . It's sometimes desireable to disable these scheduled reports. The following query will disable all scheduled reports so they no longer run for a specific user id.
CMS-XML Dim14.3.3: Upgrade: How to disable the Path Version portion of the upgrade and run at a later time
Below are a few queries which can help provide listings of the baselines or projects/streams for processing and can be passed to the upgradecmbr command. Each line of the file needs to have one baseline or project/stream as noted.
CMS-XML increase BUFFERSPACE value for VSAM functions
Install FDM patch P2507. Specify P2507 under 'Ask a Question ' to access the patch.
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